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        " Always, questioning the  ' Nature,' of it All."

Image by Chinesegardenscene photographer, of a 600 year old conifer [ give or take ], Vancouver Island, BC. How do we   - " respond," to the nature, surrounding us ?

All the images, are by an ' unlikely & unknown Chinese garden scholar.'

An image of an ' unlikely & unknown ' scholar, beneath a hollowed out tree, in Stanely Park, Vancouver, BC.Are we   -      " humbled,"    by the   creator - of this nature and do we want to look further inside.

He went searching for the meaning, behind Chinese gardens and found, so much more........

A piece of tree, that the elements over time, have altered in appearance.Are we capable of being - moulded by nature and / or, it's creator ?

Upon his return, he happened upon, this ' little wonder,' of nature.

A rock landscape, on it's own.Or, because  it is    -          " miniature," do we just pass it by on the way ?

A Western acquaintance, noticed this on a mountain path  [ yes, the unlikely scholar had missed it ].

A relatively small rock, which could just as easily be a large cliff.Do we bother to  -             conceptualise, it, in he nature, abounding ? 

So, this next gem, he uplifted and endured it's weightier message.

A rather unusual, rock fragment, that suggests, something much, much larger in scale.Perhaps, we can "sharpen our view & change our focus ?"

Again, his Western associate found this amongst a massive rocky outcrop.

A naturally " holed, " piece of rock.Or, are we just too -      " holier-than-thou ?"

This one returned from a tramping trip -  [ no, the scholar was not on ]

A rock, that may reveal an image of a coastal scene.Imagine, a  -  " violent sea of waves, crashing against," this ?

He picked this one up by the seaside.

A dark piece of rock, that suggests a rather dark and / or  deep place.Is the      -      " scene." becoming any clearer, now?

This one, he initially mistook for a piece of coal.....

A piece of rock, that, but for it's colour; could very easily be mistaken, for " taihu," rock, by the untrained eye.Whereas, this one - he made no mistake about the  -   " uptake,"    in fact, he complied with the authorities of the time...

He went to no end of trouble, to " clean-up."

The same rock, with a " cleaned-up," appearance, both inside & out.Compliance with customs requirements - was  - well,  " a lot less un-comfortable on the way through."

It took a little courage.....

Another contrast, presented of the same rock; yet this time, with a different scale of " enlightenment."To bring this home, for the  - "enlighten-ment, of others."

Yes, keep being " introspective," on the way along....

A darker piece of rock, which has almost metal-like qualities about it - or perhaps in reality, it has ?Are there  truly -  " No cracks." in your armour ?

Our time in this system of things, is short lived....

A the bottom of a " majestic," 600 [ or thereabouts - who's counting ] year old conifer, on Vancouver Island, BC." What, really are we in the end; after All, that is said and done ?"

Keep searching, that you will find - deeper meaning & purpose.