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Firstly and foremostly:

Not to be confused with " Cannon, " of Changes.

Secondly and just as importantly:

Not to be found or studied, by divination.

The above are the SPECIFIC views of     Chinesegardenscene.

You will form, your own; by carefull study and application to Chinese Gardens & penjing.

I Ching - Canon of Changes - symbolised by the " Ba kua."

Let us ask now;   if You are conscious of your spiritual needs ?

The Canon of Changes or I Ching - from a Chinese perspective, then;

is probably not a bad place to start.......

The I Ching counsels humans to embody in their lives; certain qualities:

      [ We will highlight, just a few here, for the purpose of explanation ]

[ Where the I Ching refers to " the Sage," You substitute, whatever fits You ]

  • actions - " Do things for their own sake and not in anticipation of results."

  • care- " Lay your foundations with care and proceed step by step."

  • conduct - " Express your knowledge in your actions and conduct, rather than in your words. Trust the wisdom of the [               ]  and allow each person to come to his own understanding."

  • endurance - "  Flow like pure water, through difficult situations."

  • help - " Give aid to others where you can and do so with a proper attitude; without seeking recognition and without un-balancing them."

  • kindness - " True kindness is expressed not in hope of recognition, but in hope of helping another. It is because of this, that it is inevitably recognized."

  • nourishment - "  What you put into your mind, is even more significant than for your body;  for fundamental well-being."

  • patience - "   Avoid harshness and impatience with yourself; true progress is made in gradual steps.      Allow yourself pleasure, but avoid careless self-indulgence."

  • qualities- "    By keeping as quiet as a mountain         -     by resting firmly on your foundation of fruitful qualities      -            by accepting the nature of the time ; you weather all storms."

  • simplicity - "    Sincerity and simplicity, are inevitably and only rewarded by the   [                     ] ."

  • teaching - "  Counsel others as the [           ] counsels you;     through making an example of correctness, through quiet perseverance and through gentleness."

  • wisdom - "  One must not only draw the water from the well, but also drink it;                                                                            Wisdom that is not put into practical use is meaningless."

            " To return to the root is peace.

              Real peace is the resurrection.

                 Resurrection is eternity.

              Knowledge of eternity is enlightenment."

If such, incites you, to take your spiritual needs; to a higher level of understanding.

It can only enhance your experience of Chinese Gardens & penjing.