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Just recapping, then; 

                            Chinesegardenscene is our foundation outreach. 

Trees 'N Pots is our CHINESEGARDENS.BIZ 

Coinage of Ancient China

                            Chinesegardens.biz                                         [ the .biz, being the phonetic spelling of the first syllable of " business." ]  

This is our NeuStar Registry Services .BIZ  - Accredited Registrar;

domain registered through    Go Canada Domains, Inc.

In it's season - chinesegardens.biz, will become a platform for Trees 'N Pots;

In the meantime - Please direct ALL ENQUIRIES FOR Trees in Pots Limited   via the CONTACT section of this web site.  Thank You.

YUAN                                                                          PENJING

Trees in Pots Limited was foundered in 1997, as a research company, into miniature landscapes; primarily for the health rehabilitation of a burnt out person from the corporate, risk management world.

However, during the years since, it has blossomed and developed into a significant resource for all those involved in and associated, with Chinese gardens & penjing.

It does not intend to profit from other’s enterprise; in fact, it is more likely to introduce business through your doors.

Rather, it seeks to benefit all concerned; including itself - through

Chine Music Compilation

Music for Sight CD produced by the Wang FoundationThis enjoyable & informative CD, is available from ...

musicforsight.com  as part of the:

Wang Foundation and Wang Vision Institute.

Please click on this permitted LINKAGE to visit them, directly.

We, at Trees ' N Pots do not necessarily, come cheaply !

We are, however reasonable and honest in everything, we do.

Putting our trust, where we believe.......

"....will certainly become like a tree planted by the waters, that send out it's roots right by the watercourse;

and will not see when heat comes, but whose foliage will actually prove to be luxuriant.

And in the year of drought, will not become anxious, nor will leave off from producing fruit."

These trustworthy words, were scribed nearly 600 years B.C.E [ before common era ].

                Chinese Garden & penjing - PROTECTION

After many years in the risk management business; we at Trees 'N Pots, have a respect for protection of your valuable property, assets.

We can help, facilitate protection for [ in particular, live & static objects ]that may be of interest to those persons; visiting your facilities, with other than, just a visitor's interest at heart.

Please refer to the PRESERVATION - Protection section, of Chinese Garden Scene, for further information.

Securitree / Identitree Trade Mark




cngardenpenjingART - a Trade Mark of Trees 'N Pots


We can assist Chinese gardens & penjing, to train their clubs and members, in the Chinese garden art of penjing

Please visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, through LINKAGE:

                      Learning from Asian Art: China

And refer to their glossary - asymmetry.

                            cnpenjing pots & trays

POTREE  trademark for penjing pots & trays of Trees 'N Pots


TRAYLAND - a Trade Mark of Trees 'N Pots for penjing landscape trays


We can assist Chinese gardens & penjing, to source quality pots & trays; for their clubs and members, penjing

                    Chinese gardens & penjing - Furniture

TREEFURN is a Trade Mark of Trees 'N Pots for penjing stands & mats.


We can assist Chinese gardens & penjing, to source quality stands & mats; for their clubs and members, penjing

                    Chinese gardens & penjing - Tree Lodging

TREELODGE is a Trade Mark of Trees 'N Pots for temporary penjing storage


We can assist Chinese gardens & penjing, to obtain temporary lodging; for their clubs and members, penjing

Commitment of Trees 'N Pots