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" Elegant Gathering,"  a painting by artist Zhou Yan - 1902, which was on loan from Dr. James Hayes, at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia - for an education event held on Monday, 3 October 2005 - called  ' Poetic Mandarin Calligraphy Culture Day.'

Please visit the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia - Asian Gallery

through LINKAGE:

                          Meet a Chinese scholar...

Hui-mo Ink stick from the pines of Hunagshan

Their " Famous Four Scholar's Objects & Treasures."

  • Inkstones - or Inkslabs She

  • Calligraphy Brushes - Hu

  • Paper - Xuan

  • Inksticks - or Ink Cakes Hui

All utilitarian objects of Scholar's Studios and there were many more, also closely associated, with the literati arts, which they practiced.

Please visit " THE SCHOLAR'S STUDIO " through trocadero ( Portugese -Place of Trade ) LINKAGE:

                    Scholar Objects

and               Catalogue

Please visit CHINA 2000 FINE ART, through LINKAGE:

                     The Environment of the Scholar

and                GALLERYINFO

and                Catalogue

For example - Scholar's Rocks & Soapstone Sculptures.

Mt. Huangshan and it's mystical rocks.        Mystical Stone - Scholar's Rocks

Please visit shimagata.tripod.com, through LINKAGE:   Classification

Please visit permitted LINKAGE to:      Spirit-Stones.com    

 the Blog of Ms Hu Kemin.

Linglong Ying Scholar Rock

Please visit Baiyi Artwork Company, through LINKAGE:  dd-history.com

Please visit ystones.com, through LINKAGE:   Chinese Lingbi Rocks

Please visit qin-stones.com, through LINKAGE:    Chinese pancake rocks 

and                                                               Chinese delicacy

and                                                               Chinese coastline

Please visit the Schneible Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery, through LINKAGE:

                       Lingbi Garden Rocks

Mr. Douglas Schneible of Schneible Fine Arts & Crafts Gallery. Mr. Douglas Schneible with a prize Lingbi specimen.

Please visit Lucky Wonders, through LINKAGE:  

             Classic Scholar's Rock Shape

Please visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

through LINKAGE:

       Chinese Gardens and Collectors Rocks

What do YOU SEE in these " Scholar rocks & stones."