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Life depicted in the world, we all live.

Clear away the world, from your easel....


Meditate over what you have seen and take a moment for refreshment;

Ask yourself - " Is this not a captivating panorama ? "

enjoy the peace, serenity & tranquility, that the Scroll Revelation has to offer. 

The sub-topic Scroll Revelation will take you directly to it, by clicking on the SCENE-LINK, i.e click on the Mountain Scene Cabinet Plate, however:

Full meaning, will be assured, if you take the extra time to add the introduction step, by clicking on the Easel above, which will take you to Dumbarton Oaks; they in turn, will host and direct you towards the Scroll Revelation :

                              Dumbarton Oaks

And / Or if you simply prefer to sit back in a comfy chair and relax into, the sounds of a Chinese Garden;

Please visit, through YouTube LINKAGE:

[ We hope that your computer supports the necessary software to display or view these - Real Player and You Tube  ].

Richard Clayderman - Chinese Garden.flv

Mr. Richard Clayderman & Ms Shao Rong.