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A - Z

  • Artisan

Also called a craftsman, is a skilled workman, who uses tools and/or machinery in his particular craft.

  • Curator

A curator's role will encompass; collecting objects or some historic item; making provision for the effective preservation, conservation, interpretation, documentation and cataloging, research and display; and to make them or it, available to the public.

  • Docent

The word comes from the Latin docere, meaning to teach.

Docents are educators, trained to further public's understanding of the cultural and historical collections or item. In many cases, docents, in addition to their main prescribed function as guides; also conduct research utilizing the institution's facilities.

  • literati

Shih-ta-fa bua Scholar Gentleman - the wen-jen artist, sincere ' man of letters'.

" Devoid of commercial intent, their creations should emanate from the deepest recesses of self, with an uncompromising conviction."

Fundamental criteria to qualify as literati, being:

  • Scholarship
  • Creative artistic individuality and later
  • Official status being superseded by eremitism ( remaining aloof )

In ancient China, apprenticeships were the only tutorial system available, which created a close relationship, between the teacher, student and peers.

The wen-jen artist must have / be:

  • Moral integrity
  • Learned
  • travelled
  • Traditional respect
  • Subtle symbolic expression
  • Understanding of the importance of artistic material & tools
  • understanding of the inter-relationship between calligraphy & creations
  • Orthodoxy.

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