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A red embossed image of the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden.Should different styles of architecture, be kept apart ?

In Hangzhou, China, the architecture of Dynasty periods and modern;

blend, without compromise.

A black & white image of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, BC, Canada; showing the Chinese lake pavilion, with modern sky-scrapper building architecture in the background.

In Vancouver, BC, Canada, modern architecture;

does not spoil the conceptual or actual enjoyment, of the Classical Chinese Garden.

A green embossed image of the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden.

Whether Ancient or modern; East or West - the architectural blend, can

offset each other, to compartmentalize our minds or expand the view.

An image at ground level of the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden.

We, the viewing visitor, must use our senses to the fullest;

to produce the right impression.

An enhanced image of the same ground level view of the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden; devoid of the residential architecture, in the background.

Whilst, maintaining the ability within;

to take in the whole scene, as it exists, in the timespan of the view.

A ' real-time,' image of the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden.

Keep Your minds to the fore, when necessary;

or search to the back, for added depth of appreciation.

A beautiful approach image to the central lake pavilion, at the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden.

Architects, designers and artisan craftsmen, can do so much;

You though, must find Your landscape and peace.

A gold embossed image of the Hangzhou Community Hall Garden.A ' golden,' blend, of architectural style.