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" Elegant Gathering,"  a painting by artist Zhou Yan - 1902, which was on loan from Dr. James Hayes, at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia - for an education event held on Monday, 3 October 2005 - called  ' Poetic Mandarin Calligraphy Culture Day.'

Gone were the days when literati scholars, could retreat from the world and find their peace in the mountains....

Please visit arts.cultural-china.com, through LINKAGE:

                    Living Aloft  

                    Thatched Hut at Nan-hu

Now we move forward, bringing the retreat closer to home....

                   Wangchuan's Villa      and

                   Whiling Away the Summer


The Chinese Scholar's Studio - a book by Chu-Tsing Li & James C Y WattWhether, we call it Zhai, Shuzhai or Shufang :-

Scholar studio created in private home, of Ms Jean Smith.If Ms Jean Smith can create a Scholar's Studio in her own abode..

I admonish you all in control of the 21st Century " Stewardship " of Chinese gardens; to respect the significance of this integral architecture.

In a Chinese Garden - let us go back to the translated words of the great garden designer...

To honour the significance of this architecture;

in a Chinese garden scene....

we quote here, verbatim, the beginning lines of page 59 and item - No. 4

" Studies [ shu fang ]

When siting a study in a garden you should not strictly separate inside and outside, but should choose a secluded site and give easy access to and from the garden;

yet this should be done in such a way that people strolling in the garden will be unaware of its existence."

A plan of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, in Vancouver, BC.This image is not very clear;

yet Number 8 is the..


China Heritage Project of The Australian National University  ANU.

Please visit the ANU, through LINKAGE:            Zhai

the Scholar's Studio.

Hung Hsueh Yin Yuan - woodcut by Lin Ching