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" Three Friends of Winter." painting by Zhao Mengjian in the 14th Century.

Pine, Bamboo and Winter Plum.

Together they symbolize longevity, perseverance, and integrity being the virtues of the ideal Chinese Garden Scholar  and also the three main religions of China - Buddhism, Daoism & Confucianism.

Please visit the Portland Classical Chinese Garden, through LINKAGE:


Closeup of " The Three Friends of Winter," panting by Zhao Mengjianinthe 14th Century.

Please visit through CDBaby, LINKAGE:

Click on the " Three Friends of Winter," fan painting below.

 " Three Friends of Winter," fan painting by Zhao Mengjian in the 14th Century.Tim Stevens Trio - Jazz pianist - improvisations of a Chinese painting...

" Huangshan Pine," from Adrien Golinelli of pinetum.org - Arboretum de Villardebelle.

" Huangshan Pine," hanging from a cliff - from Adrien Golinelli of pinetum.org - Arboretum de Villardebelle.

Symbol of longevity and prosperity, for it is an evergreen tree.

It is also the symbol of friends being faithful in adversity.

Please visit Pinetum.org, through the gallery of Adrien Golinelli, LINKAGE:

             Arboretum de Villardebelle

Please visit arts.cultural-china.com, through LINKAGE:

             Twin Pines, Level Distance

Mountain Pine penjing, by unknown artisan.Miniature or fully grown; pines surviving well up mountain slopes are going to show signs of their endurance.

Bamboo silhouetted against the sky.

A portion of the same photo; yet coloured with the sunshine.

Emblem of longevity due to its durability, ability to withstand hard weather and evergreen qualities.

Confucian symbol of eternal friendship.

Bamboo leafs droop because its "inside" (heart) is empty, thus also a symbol of the virtue of modesty.

When the wind blows the bamboo bends " in laughter, " a symbol of flexibility.

A " Sea of Bamboo," - photo courtesy of Mr. Lulu Gifford via Ms Zhang Jia.

Bamboo in the wild - " da zhu hai,"  [ Sea of Bamboo ]

" Bamboo Forest," Photgraphed by Noa & Amir.

Bamboo in the tamed world of mankind.......

A man walking through a Sea of Bamboo in Chengdu - photo courtesy of Mr. Lulu Gifford via Ms Zhang Jia.

Bamboo Sea in Southern Sichuan, China.

Bamboo in captivity.....

Bamboo through a window in the Suzhou Chinese Garden's Museum - photographed  by Noa & Amir.

Please visit Noa & Amir, through Travelblog.org, LINKAGE:

" Crouching Tiger hidden dragon," the Bamboo forest.

" Suzhou Traditional Chinese Gardens - museum."

Please visit Chinadaily.com.cn, through LINKAGE:

                Bamboo mountains sea and shoots - Anji

Please visit Changzhou Shi Te Zhong Zhu Fanyu Chang, through LINKAGE:

             Changzhou special bamboo breeding fields

Please visit En.wikipedia.org, through LINKAGE:

             Chinese Bamboo

Please visit " The Chinese Garden of the Montreal Botanical Garden," through LINKAGE:

                   Bamboo in daily life

Please visit Bamboogarden.com, through LINKAGE:

               Moso - Portland's Chinese Garden of Awakening Orchids.

Please visit Asiasociety.org, through LINKAGE:

             Seven Sages of The Bamboo Grove

             Videos 1 - 5  "  Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest."

Bamboo penjing by unknown artisan.It's winter and scant may be the leaves; yet longevity is not in question.

Please visit Gio.gov.tw, through LINKAGE:

                        Bamboo painting

Please visit Chinabamboogarden.com, through LINKAGE:


A beautiful bird foraging in bamboo leaves.If we forage - it may not just be humans, who are the only visitors, around this plant.

Winter Plum Blossom.

Symbol of Winter.

Mei Hua - Plum Blossom, a CD by Liu Fang on Guzheng & Pipa and Lise Daoust on Flute.

This CD is available directly from:   

Ms Liu Fang at                            liufangmusic.net       and / or from

Mr. Lise Daoust at                      classicsonline.com

Emblem of beauty, purity and longevity, for it is believed that Laozi was born under its branches.

The " plum " Prunus salicina - referred to in Chinese characters;李 (pinyin: li); or   中国李 (pinyin: Zhōngguó li, lit. " Chinese plum " ) and winter plum  in Chinese art is botanical Prunus mume or mei and more closely related to the Apricot than the Plum.

A beautiful image of Plum blossom in the New York Scholar's Garden on Staten Island, taken by Dr. Lin Sing.

Alternatively méi  or méizi,  from the Chinese name, which is usually seen in the context of Chinese art and cuisine.

A close-up of the same image of Plum blossoms, taken by Dr. Lin Sing, in the New York Scholar's Garden on Staten Island.

Please visit CRIEnglish.com, through LINKAGE:        Plum Rains [ Mei Yu ]

Please visit arts.cultural-china.com, through LINKAGE:

                Viewing Plum Blossoms by Midnight      and then

                Total View - explained

Please visit Orientaltravel.co.uk, through LINKAGE:

                Winter plum blossom slideshow

          Whether, digitised from reality....

Distanced to real.....

          Framing other nature....

       Framed in nature...

Back-dropped by architecture.....

A painting of Chinese Winter Plum and / or  Prunus mume and / or mei.     Inspiring paintings and / or poetry....

And / Or  ...  Macro-lifted, in it's singular, delicate and pastel petal hues...