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                    Deep in the heart of city life.

                    far from the mountains

Preview:       Please forgive the photography, as we will not be held     responsible, for our ineptitude, with this media !    Chinesegardenscene

Blank Canvas [ so to speak ] site of the Dunedin Chinese Garden - 02/12/06December '06

Looking back, in the opposite direction - Trees'N Pots vehicle - stands alone on what was previously, a Dunedin City Council carpark.

The extended view to the right of vehicle [ North West ] where the Dunedin Chinese Garden will be constructed.

Hardly a Chinese garden building, yet necessary as a site office, for construction to commence, under a controlled manner - 17/02/07February '07

Following excavation, the ' Ponding ' exterior foundation wall is established.

The same stage - looking back from beyond the rail siding side.

The excavated ' ponding ' foundation wall, is well underway - 17/03/07March '07

Looking away to the North, the ' ponding '  foundation wall, appears to stretch for miles.

Looking back from the rail siding side - yet this time in a zoomed-in perspective.

It's now the end of March 2007 and time to excavate deeper for the Chinese garden pond.

The Pond depth is attained and levelled out for the liner - 21/04/07.April '07

Progress with this Pond excavation, from the other side.

Foundations are laid, for the Tower,  Main Hall and Side Hall - 05/05/07.May '07

We are now into Mid- June and the foundations of the Tower, Main Hall & Side Hall are clearly above ground level.June '07

Taihu Rocks, from China, look a little out of place, whilst stock piled behind the garden's construction zone, proper.July '07

August has arrived and the Tower building is taking shape - 12/08/07August '07

What's with all the fences and hard hats etc. etc ? Well, Safety & Security start with attitude, just as the ABL sign says.

Did you notice on an earlier photo, these temporary white gazebo-like structures, at the Southern end of the site ?  Yes, again, for a protection for architectural elements - 19/08/07.

To the left, work progresses also on the Pavilion in the Pond and Entrance Pavilion.

And now we can clearly see, the Chinese Architecture, with it's unique roof lines, being established for the Tower, Main Hall & Side Hall - 26/08/07.

Shelter is established, with commencement of the roof tiling on the Paviion in the Pond.

Meanwhile, back at the Main Hall, progress is well underway, to enclose this, too.

Yes,  many of the Chinese garden buildings are beginning to look like " Purposed expressions," at this later stage of August 2007.

The Entrance Pavilion is making an impression for passers by.

And at the North Western end, the beautiful architectural features are being completed on the Side Hall - 26/08/07.

Time is nearing to raise the solid walls of Pavilions & Halls, with Chinese concrete blocks.

This is the Chinese Character inscription on a close-up of one of the blocks.

As Spring arrives, so does the closing in of the Entrance Pavilion - 11/09/07.September '07

And with the roof on the Tower, Main Hall & Side Hall, work continues with the solid walls - 30/09/07.

The North Western corner.

Here, we can distinctly note the roof lines and also the Chinese artisans are working on raising the Half Pavilion on the Hill.

To their right, meaningful expressions have been added to the North Eastern end of the Main Hall.

Work is also underway on the Half Pavilion by the Pond, the " Scholar's Study," and covered corridors, surrounding the enclosed garden.

A close-up of the Chinese Garden Wall top, above the " Scholar's Study."

Just so much is going on now as we close out September 2007 - and what have we here ?

What is hidden behind this darkened window space?

Yes, it's the " Scholar's Garden Study or Studio."

The " Collaborated," effort, showing the Chinese Construction Company and beside them, their Western counterparts.

Up at this height, we can observe - not only the beautiful Chinese architecture in the foreground; but also the borrowed scenery of the hills in the distance and as a gentle reminder - the CityScape, to remind us why the Chinese garden is located where it stands?

Why - to be able to dwell inner city and yet, bring the mountains and rivers into the Scholar's residence.

So, where do you think, many of those Taihu Rocks ended up ? - Yes, correct - they became the mountains in the Chinese garden landscape. October '07

You guessed right !  it took a lot of experienced thinking on the part of Chinese Artisans, to cap this mountain.

Now, we are into November 2007 and the lattice windows are gracing and protecting the Tower.November '07

It's time to turn attention to the Half Pavilion on the Hill, wall.

Is that not something awesome, even from the outside - 25/11/07.

To name, but a few involved locally, to this stage.

Is it now time for a coat of paint ?

Wow!   even although there are still many elements to be installed, within - is this not a spectacular vista ?December '07

Is this " vision becoming a reality "  ?

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