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Edgeworthia chrysantha - is the focus of this photograph, taken by Matthew Haughey in Portland's - " Chinese Garden of Awakening Orchids."What 'scent' you hear ?  was it the fragrance of this slightly tender, deciduous, early-flowering Chinese shrub; bearing dense heads of fragrant little yellow flowers ?

Please visit AllChinaNet and enjoy a veritable feast, with permitted LINKAGE:

to their...                CHINESE GARDEN

Please visit SMSO.NET, through LINKAGE:      

               Chinese garden 17 essential elements

Integrating Architecture & landscape

Please visit China Info, through LINKAGE:      Pavilions

The Art of Chinese Pavilions

Please visit Chinadougong.com, through LINKAGE:


And / Or        Zong

The natural sounds, that stimulate, our senses...

beyond even ocular demonstration...

Rain drops on banana leaves - a traditional Chinese folk tune

And in a Chinese garden, can you see & hear

Chinese garden roof, drip tilefrom the roof tiles above...

Banana leavesdown via the banana & bamboo leaves below...

perhaps getting close enough to see each drop...

Rain drops on leavesglistening in the sunlight after the shower...

Rain on bambooor dripping on downwards, to the garden & ponds below..

Rain drops on pond lillies

Please visit Mr. CHAI Dafang's Thesis on The Master-Of-Nets China Garden, in Suzhou, through LINKAGE:

                                      Grace of Rain

Wind whistles through the garden.....

In the ambiance of Classical Chinese Gardens....

We, at Chinese garden scene, are not yet sure and are perhaps ambivalent about the matter.

Forbidden City Wind Chime

However, wind whistles through the gardens and sounds the chimes, hanging in the pavilions....

Please visit Siamese dream, through LINKAGE:  Forbidden City Windchime

We have some of these ourselves and can testify to the soothing ambiance they produce.

We are however, all different in this regard, so visit some options after the following Chinese Chime, LINKAGE:


                      Shop by Sound     @ ecowindchimes.com


                  Wind Chimes Pavilion


And if your Chinese garden is too sheltered....

     The Wind Chimes Company - Wind spinner motor