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Spring of The Great Wall                                         Spring of The Great Wall

Our first creditable individual, is an as  " yet unknown and adept artist photographer, "  ( known only as dira_sk ) who created the image, that we found some considerable time ago; featuring in the Landscape Garden Couplet section, of Landscapes.

Dr. David J. Abbott - for information on positivity.

Ms Karin Albert of Venus Communications - venuscomm.com - USA, Translator, Publisher & penjing Writer -  Editor of Master Zhao Qingquan's book Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment - for her encouragement and information on penjing.

All those associated with and in particular, those labouring and working [ day-in and day-out ] in China & Chinese Garden representations - right around the globe

Shtyle.fm friend Al Mow [ 岑雅陆 ] - for the photograph of a beggar's generosity.

Writer A. Alphand - for information on his / her " L'Art des jardeins," 1882.

Photographer Milko K. Amorth - for the YouTube presentation on Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Ms Andreachina.blogspot - for information on Prince Gong's Garden and Hutong.

Artist Ms Ang Lynda - for her permitted use of the photo titled " Uncompleted Journey."

Photographer Aomorikuma - for his golden image of Ginkgo leaves & nuts.

Mr. Jeffery Appelbaum & Mr. Lei Jiang -  The Scholar's Studio- New York, United States of America - for information on Scholar's objects & treasures.

Garden History Scholar ARCADY - GardenHistoryGirl - United States of America - for information on  Chinese gardens - the plants.

Professor Geremie R. Barme - Professor, Division of Pacific and Asian History - The Australian National University - China Heritage Project - China Heritage Quarterly - for article provision.

Author Hilary Barrett - for information on the I-Ching.

Artist Robert Batman - for the painting of China's Giant Panda.

Photographer BazaMan [Photobucket.com] - for image of penjing in the Singapore Chinese garden.

Dr. James Beattie - Waikato University - New Zealand - for his editing of the " Lan Yuan - Garden of Enlightenment - Dunedin.

Photographer bdinla [Photobucket.com] - for image of a lotus blooming in the Huntington Chinese Garden of Flowering Fragrance.

Artist Jordan Berry (TerraChild) - for RedBubble images of " Stained Glass Window " and also " Chinese Paradise."

Ms Bin Huizhong - Shanghai, China, Architect specialist in Chinese Pavilions & Ting - Shanghai University - for her encouragement, friendship and assistance with Chinese architecture.

Swami Bodhananda Saraswati - for his insights into the Spirituality of China, from his 2007 visit there.

Artist boehmgraphics [ RedBubble name ] - for his image  of " Chinese Garden."

Photographer Bill Boehm - for his images of penjing-punsai, taken in the Botanical Garden of Beijing.

Flickr Photographer " BlindAmbitionBlog." - for permitted use of his photo in the Huntington Chinese Garden.

Artist Joanne Bradley - for her RedBubble image LINKAGE of " Serendipity."

Analyst Tim Bray - for information on communication media and questions.

Artist Kym Breeze - for her RedBubble image of " Chinese Garden - Golden Willow."

Ms Lesley Bremness - Through the Moongate - United Kingdom - for information on the Chelsea Chinese Garden.

Journalist Susan Brian -  for information in the article titled " Does Chinese bonsai involve tree torture." 

Composer John Robert Brown - for information on the Yu Yuan Suite - music score.

Photographer lunar-c.deviantart.com - for the image of lines along a Chinese garden wall.

Mr. Duncan M. Campbell - Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand - for his encouragement and information on Chinese gardens. 

Photographer Caoimbin_01 [Photobucket.com] - for image of a Chinese lantern flower.

Blogger & Photographer - Ms Stacy Cashman - for the image of Venice - Watertown of Italy.

Photographer ~cg-sinope.deviantART.com - for the image of a penjing in a Suzhou Chinese garden.

Mr. Chai Dafang - Chinese Scholar - for a copy of  permitted 2007 Thesis , submitted to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; on the " Grace of Rain " in the Master-of-Nets Garden, Suzhou.

Professor Marjorie Chan - The State University of Ohio - Department of East Asian Language & Literature - for her information on Chinese Language & Linguistics.

Virtuoso Chang Peiyou - for information on the Guqin.

Poet & Writer Chao Yu-Han - for information on " We Grow Old," and other literary works.

Mr. Henry Chen & Mrs Shaleen Tang - Paramount Services - franchisee - for their sustainable cleaning / work ethic, required for Chinese Gardens.

Ms Jenny Chen - Paramount Services - franchisee - for her sustainable cleaning / work ethic, required for Chinese Gardens.

Ms Chen Lifang - Landscape architect,  historian of Chinese gardens and co-author of the book " The Garden Art of China."

Drs. Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen [ Founders of SUNRIDER INTERNATIONAL ]  - for their business ethics, which have always been an encouragement.

Writer Wenhong Chen - for information on the changing nature of Guanxi.

Ms Cheng Yu - Internationally renowned pipa & guqin virtuoso, scholar and specialist in Chinese music.

Artist Chi Wah Man - Kowloon, Hong Kong - for his digital art & statement on an " Exquisite Garden."

Photographer Chillower [Photobucket.com] - for image of a roof spire in a Chinese garden.

Photographer Chrislller [Photobucket.com] - for image of a balustrade in the Portland Chinese Garden of Awakening Orchids.

Assistant Professor Chua Roy - Harvard Business School - for information on professional networks in China & United States of America.

Artist Composer - Chou Wen-Chung - for his depth of meaning in relation to Chinese literati art and music composition.

Mr. Chuang Andy - Good Characters, Inc. VP - for his professionalism with the Trees 'N Pots official seal in Ancient Chinese Characters and generally for his encouragement.

Designer & Photographer Waikit Chung - for permitted use of the lovely  ' Watertown,' photos, of China.

Pianist - Richard Claderman - for " Chinese Garden," & " Poetic Sonatica."

Pappy Clay & Wallace Clay [ Wah Lee Melcium Boy ] - Utah, United States of America - for information on the " Personal Life of a Chinese Coolie 1868 - 1899."

Artist Rosalie Dale IPA - for her RedBubble image " Fagan Park Bridge No.3."

Photographer freedigitalphotos.net/Dan - for the image of a spider's web with, what could be described as a Chinese calligrapher character, behind.

Flutist Lise Daoust - for " Mei Hua - Plum Blossom," a CD with Ms Liu Fang.

Ms Lisa DeBoer - for her photographs of the Astor Court Scholar's Courtyard Garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Photographer jay_c_deo [Photobucket.com] - for image of a Tai Hu rock in a Chinese garden.

Artist Steven Desiow - for his RedBubble image LINKAGES " Chinese Garden " & " Dreamy Garden."

Media Personality Diana Ding - for information on her Tv, Radio and advertising shows.

Bass Baritone Ding Gao - for information on " Opera in the Park, " at the Overfelt Chinese Cultural Garden.

Ms Ding Xiao Wen - Shanghai Landscaping Administration Bureau, China - for her assistance & introduction with penjing Master Hu Yunhua, Shanghai Municipal Congress and author of books including Chinese Penjing: Miniature Trees and Landscapes.

Ms Lihua Dishman - for the Slideshare.net calendar of 2010 Chinese Gardens.

Dr. Bruce Doar - Senior Fellow - Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies - The Australian National University - China Heritage Project - China Heritage Quarterly - for information / article provision.

Writer Weizhen Dong - for information on the changing nature of Guanxi.

Artist Manoharan Duraisamy - for his BetterPhoto image of an umbrella rainbow in the Singapore Chinese Garden.

Photographer flickr/EAWB - for the image of a Hummingbird in the Portland Chinese Garden.

Ms Patricia Ebrey - Professor of History - Washington University, United States of America - for permitting LINKAGE to various sites of the University, pertaining to Chinese gardens & penjing.

Dr. Dawn Einwalter, Ph.D. - for information on Chinese garden design.

Ms Anita Eenink - for her LEGO ® creation of a Chinese garden scene.

Mr. Darin Engh of Engh Gardens - United States of America - for beginning the West's journey into the elements of Chinese gardens.

Chinese Medical, Health & Tea Practitioner En Jie - for information on the health benefits of Chinese tea.

Le Baron Ernouf - for information on his " L'Art des jardins," 1882.

Mr. James Fallows - Atlantic national correspondent - for the suitability of his article, relating to Made in China.

Author Fang Dalang - for the information about innovator Tsai Lun.

Ms Fang Liu - pipa soloist - for friendly encouragement and provision of information associated with traditional Chinese Music.

Photographic artist Bahman Farzad - for his beautifully intimate images of the lotus.

Mr. Roy Forster - Honorary Advisor to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC and master Gardener ( guided the creation of Vancouver's VanDusen Botanical Garden ) - for his encouragement, expertise, friendship and hospitality; in both the Chinese gardens, plants & penjing club, activity.

Mr. David W. Fukumoto - Founder & President of Fuku-Bonsai, a nursery in Kurtistown, Hawaii and specialising in Dwarf Schefflera - True Indoor Miniature Trees - for information on Man Lung Penjing and tropical penjing.

Stanislaus Fung - for his " Longing & Belonging in Chinese Garden History."

Author & Motivationalist Giovanna Pang Garcia - for information about ' Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke,' in her book by that title.

Erhu Master Gao George - for information on this traditional Chinese instrumental music.

Ms Geiger Ru-Lan - Artist from Beijing, who persued an art career in Los Angeles - for her information on the cultural revolution as it could have applied to art progression in China and the Chinese Work Ethic.

Tenor Saxophonist, the late Stan Getz - for his musical intermission " Autumn Leaves."

Ms Kathy Gibler - Executive Director of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC - for without whom, my Chinese garden's sabbatical, would not have been possible, let alone the encouraging, enjoyable & valuable learning experience; Kathy helped to make it, in the summer of 2006.

Photographer Mr. Lulu Gifford - for permitted use of photos of Bamboo Sea's, the Summer Palace and East Lake, China.

Writer Marie Louise Gothein - for information on her " A History of Garden Art 1928 -  reprinted 1979."

Artist Roger E Gorrin - New York & Miami, United States of America - for information on his painting of a Chinese Scholar's Garden.

Composer Stephen Goss - United Kingdom - for information on his musical compositions and in particular " The Chinese Garden."

Mr. Pierre-Paul Grasse - Paris - French Academy of Sciences - for his 1979 statement on Natural Order.

Photographer tmgreed - Douglas - for photo of hamilton Chinese Garden moongate, featured in the Registry.

Photographer Peter Griffin - for permitted featuring of his Nanjing China Garden path.

Ms Han Mei - Zheng soloist - for information provision, on traditional Chinese music.

Author Sarah Handler - for information on " Austere luminosity of Chinese classical furniture."

Ms Alison M. Hardie - Lecturer in Chinese Studies,Leeds University, United Kingdom- World renowned translator, writer, lecturer and authority on Chinese gardens - for her contacts & information on Chinese gardens.

Mr. John Bruno Hare's Internet Sacred Text Archive - for information on Chinese philosophies.

Photographer Matthew Haughey and his blog //tenyearsofmylife.com - for images of Portland's  Chinese  " Garden of Awakening Orchids."

Dr. James Hayes - for his painting by artist Zhou Yan, titled " Elegant Gathering."

Ms He Qiu Xia - pipa soloist and one of the Silk Road Music Ensemble and Jou Tou, performers - for friendly encouragement and associated, information provision.

Author John W. Head - for the book " Law Codes of Dynastic China."

Photographer Steen Heilesen - for his Yahoo Flickr, images of the " Zhu Family Garden Hotel, in Jiangshui, Yunnan."

Mr. Gerhard K. Heilig - china-profile.com - for information on facts, figures and analysis of China.

Designer Ho Suenn - for information on the Murase Associates design, for the Astoria, Garden of Surging Waves.

Writer of Foreword C T Hsai - for his part in the book " The Scholars."

Professor Hsu Dan - originally of Hangzhou, China and now of the State of New Jersey, United States of America - for information on Chinese gardens and his beautiful, paintings.

Dr. Hsu Dar Ren - for his forum - " The world needs more bridges and bridge builders."

Dr. Hu Helen H. OMD. LAc [ Doctorate Degree Oriental Medicine ] - for information on TCM.

Chinese Cultural Heritage Preservationist Hu Matthew - for the content of his interview on the Wild China Blog.

Artist Huang-Abt Yato - for permitted use of a the photo of a framed winter plum blossom.

Artist Huang Kunpeng - for the information about audio & video recording in a Chinese garden soundscape.

Ms Huang Xiao - for permitted use of her photo of a China rock  [ albeit artificial ] waterfall.

Writer G.S.Hutchinson - for his article titled " Wanderlust."

Photographer Evrim Icoz - for in particular, his superlative black & white photographic images of Portland's " Chinese Garden of Awakening Orchid's." in Winter and / or the Fall.

Photographer ~ill23.deviantART.com - for the image of Never stop dreaming, in a Chinese garden setting.

Photographer inckurei.deviantART.com - for the image of a Chinese garden pond in winter.

Photographer flickr/intastella - for the image of a Spider's web in the Sydney Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Photographer Ace Jackalope - Hutchinson, Kansas, United States of America - for information on the Portland Classical Chinese Garden.

Photographer Pete Jackson - United Kingdom - for his permitted featuring of a beautiful image of the Dunedin Chinese Garden - Lan Yuan.

Mr. Ji Cheng - author of the book Craftsmanship of Gardening.

Mr. Jiang Bob - for information on The Jade & Silk Roads.

Media Project Student Haiming Ma - for information on interactive digital media presentation, for Chinese gardens.

Mr. Martin Jacques - for information on " Understanding the Rise of China."

Jin Shuang Ma - MA - of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Metasequoia organisation, New York, United States of America  - for information in the format of an article, titled " On the unsolved mystery of Metasequoia, " in both Chinese characters & English translation.

Ms Beth Johnston - a mental health professional in the United States of America; and now the enthusiastic owner of a tea company teasetc (refer to the Teaism section ) - for the photograph of West Lake romance, in modern times - featured in the China Gardens Registry.

Photographer Juan - for permitted usage of the beautiful image of a Lotus garden.

Author C.H Kang - The Discovery of Genesis - for information on Chinese characters relating to Create & Garden.

Kanga35 [ Wilipedia Nom-de-plume ] - for information on the painted map of the Wang Shi Yuan, in Suzhou.

Photographer Kaushikr [Photobucket.com] - for image of penjing, in a Chinese garden.

Artist Michael Keller - for his RedBubble image LINKAGE of " Pastel Peony."

Ms Denise Kelly - Human Resource Placements - Dunedin, New Zealand - for her continued assistance,  encouragement and support with this endeavour, during a difficult and long period of illness.

Ms Edith Klenner - Wellington, New Zealand, Administrator for miniature tree landscapes - for her encouragement, friendship and introduction with Ms Dorothy Koreshoff.

Mr. Barry T. Knight - Business Confidant - for friendly encouragement and information on executive recruitment.

Ms Deborah Koch - for the image and caption of the Sydney, Australia - Garden of Friendship.

Mr. Marc Kondylis - Writer for langara.bc.ca - Pacific Rim Magazine 1998 - for information on " Relections in a Garden." - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC.

Ms Dorothy Koreshoff and her family - Sydney, Australia - World renowned miniature landscape artists, tutors and authors - for her tutelage and particularly artistic principles, encouragement, friendship and mentoring.

Ms Janet Krauss - Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States of America - for her book of poetry " Borrowed Scenery."

Mr. Kor Kwant - The Ginkgo Pages - for information on this ancient tree, so associated with Chinese culture and gardens.

Mr. Stefan Landsberger - for information on China's Hygiene campaigns from the 1930's onwards.

Pianist Lang Lang - for information on a remarkable journey of a Chinese musician, to centre stage [ Journey of a Thousand Miles ].

Photographer Learoy_X [Photobucket.com] - for image of a pavilion in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, BC - taken through a shot hole in rock.

Ms Lee Pekky - for permitted use of photos of the Lin Family Mansion & Garden in Taipei, Taiwan.

Master Pin Lee - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Penjing Club & penjing Master at the Victory garden - for his encouragement, friendship, hospitality, humility and understanding tutelage, in the fine art of penjing.

Ms Lee Cynthia - Grand Daughter of Mr. Lee Iu Cheung and founder of the Dragon Garden Charitable Trust - for information on their traditional Chinese Garden in Hong Kong.

Erhu soloist Lee Viviane - for information on her erhu website page at Myspace.

Ms Lee Yee-Ching - BreathofChange.com - for information on exactly that.

Photographer leenyboleeny [Photobucket.com] - for image of Green-Blue lanterns at the entrance to a Chinese garden.

Bi-qi Beatrice Lei - for information on Wen Zhengming.

Mr. Lei Jiang & Mr. Jeffery Appelbaum -  The Scholar's Studio- New York, United States of America - for information on Scholar's objects & treasures.

Ms Leong Shirley - for provision of LINKAGE to " Chinese Writing and the Bible."

Photographer Li Elsie - for permitted use of her photo of LongJi Terrace, Guangxi.

Artist Li Honglei - for his images of Grand View Garden in " Land of Illusion." and for information on Digital Media.

Guqin musician Li Xiangting - for information on his Guqin page.

Ms Liang Amy - Taipei, Taiwan - miniature landscape artist, author and advocate - for her inspiration for the health benefits of involvement with penjing.

Artist Lin Ching - for information on a woodcut, titled ' Hung Hsueh Yin Yuan T'u Chi,' apparently housed at the Harvard Yenching Library.

Doctor's Lin Naili & Sheila - TCM - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Treatments, Dunedin, New Zealand - for their medical expertise, encouragement, friendship and humility, with Chinese cultural endeavour.

Dr. Lin Sing H. - for information on the Chinese Garden on Staten Island, New York, United States of America.

Entertainer Ling Hui - Chinese Foot Juggler - for information on the Ling Chinese Entertainments.

Artist Liu Elisa - for permitted use of photos, including wonderful panoramics of Anhui Province, China.

Artist Liu Jian - founder of the Shanghai Tea Shop - for information on the Shanghai T Merchant and Chinese tea.

Author Yongping Liu - for the book " Origins of Chinese Law."

Shtyle.fm friend & photographer Ms Liu Ivy - for permitted use of China Lantern Festival photographs.

Ms Liu Melinda - for her article and information on saving China's ancient homes and alleys.

Photographer Liu Viola - for her image silouhette image of a lady scholar.

Shtyle.fm friend & photographer Mr. Liu Wenjie - for permitted use of his beautiful images of Night scenery in Yangzhou.

Photographer jasonlockwood [Photobucket.com] - for image of penjing in the Sydney Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Artist YouTube  [ Named ] log0602 - for information on Chinese Residence Gardens.

Photographer LostinChina [Photobucket.com] - for image of zig-zag bridge in a Chinese garden.

Mr. Lou Qingxi - author of the book Chinese Gardens - for the information on, amongst other things; "A World in a Teapot."

Mr. Louis Francois - Associate Professor - The Bard Graduate Centre, New York - bgc.bard.edu for permitting LINKAGE to his Bibliography on gardens in China.

Mr. Keith Low - Wellington, New Zealand - Garden centre owner &  penjing artist - for his encouragement with Chinese gardens & penjing.

Mr. Loy David - for his article " Wei-wu-wei: Nondual action - Philosophy East and West."

Author Lu Diana - for information on Chinese - Cross Cultural Interests and her book " Daughter of the Yellow River."

Global traveller, friend and photographer - Chun-Hou Lu Howard - for permitted use of his wonderful photographs of Splendid China, in Shenzhen City.

Mr. Lu Wenfu - Chinese Writer - for the article - The Soul of Suzhou's gardens.

Artist Lucin [ RedBubble name ] - for his image LINKAGE of " Regret."

Shtyle.fm friend & photographer Ms Luo Min - for permitted use of her, China garden's & other landscape photographs.

Merchant Luoyangcc - for information on his Authentic Ancient Chinese Poem Password Lock.

Blogger Mao Isaac - for information on Networking & the Blogosphere.

Architect & Designer Richard Marti - for the pdf Article on Chinese Garden Ideas.

Ms Claudette Martin - Head of Education, Programs & Tours at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC - for her on-going encouragement, valuable advice and friendship; relating to Chinese gardens and their integrity of purpose.

Ms Rachel May - for her book " Love in a Chinese Garden."

Graduate Stephen McDowall - Victoria University of Wellington - for his graduate research essay - In Lieu of Flowers: The Transformation of Space and Self in Yuan Mei's [ 1716-1798 ] Garden Records.

Mr. Charlie McElwee - Environmental Lawyer - China - for information on sustainability and environmental law of China as maybe any different to the West.

Mr. Leonard Miller - Sonoma State University, CA, United States of America - for information on the Bristlecone Pine.

Mr. Brian Minter - Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada - for his time honoured secure display of landscape penjing; as part of Minter Gardens - Brian hosted my interest, with his friendly and empathetic attitude, towards preserving the heritage of miniature landscapes.

Dr. Chow-Morris Kim - dizi virtuoso and leader of the Yellow River Ensemble - for friendly encouragement and provision of traditional Chinese Music, information.

Artist [RedBubble name] missmoneypenny - for image of Chinese Garden.

Ms Liilia Morrison - Ft. Lauderdale, United States of America - for her encouragement and poetry.

Photographer Ms Vicki Moseley of HYPER - Design, Marketing, Print - for permitted featuring of the spectacular Sunset, in the Dunedin Lan Yuan.

Ms Joy Morton - Dunedin, New Zealand - miniature tree landscape artist & tutor - for encouraging, founding and setting me on a path that has lead to here.

Punsai artist - the Late John Y Naka - for his creation of a Pomegranate in fruit.

Photographer Sally Neely - for a wonderful photograph of the treasured furniture in a Scholar's studio of the Chinese Garden of Awakening Orchids, in Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

Photographer spastic-neko.deviantART.com - for the image of a painted Yu Yuan.

Author Ethel R. Nelson- The Discovery of Genesis - for information on Chinese characters relating to Create & Garden.

Business Woman Ng Sandra - for her expertise in the field of social media.

Artist Bao Nguyen - for his RedBubble image LINKAGE of " Dark Pavilion."

Photographers Noa & Amir - for their images of Bamboo.

Creative Animation Artist  Nuannuan1984 - for " guzheng  Chinese Animation - The Flower Dream."

Prof. Dusan Pajin - Ph.D Professor - Art Philosophy and Aesthetics - Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade - University of Art, Belgrade, Serbia - firstly for permitting LINKAGE to his Paper on Environmental Aesthetics and Chinese Gardens; and secondly for his friendly encouragement, with this project.

Writer, Teacher & Writing Coach  - Paula Panich - Los Angeles, United States of America - for her article on the Liu Fang Yuan " The artistry of a Chinese garden shines."

Mr. Matthew Paterson - Dunedin, New Zealand - for his photography of the Dunedin Chinese Garden.

Adventurer, Photographer Karsten Petersen - Denmark - for his photography of China's Gardens.

Artist George Petrovsky - for his RedBubble image of " Fagan Park Chinese Garden."

Mr. Graham Potter - United Kingdom - Miniature landscape Artist & Kaizen supply shop - for information on penjing tools & in particular carving tools.

Photographer Juergen Priewe [ joggi2002 ] - Muehihausen, Germany - for his image " Beauty of Hibiscus."

Artist Psychedelicmind [ RedBubble name ] - for LINKAGE to image, " Classical Chinese Garden in Infrared."

Photographer ~ptEcLo.deviantART.com - for the image of an old Chinese padlock in China's Yu Yuan garden.

Ms Qi Shen - Erhu Soloist - for information on the Erhu.

Daoist saint Qingao - for the illustration concerning being a skilled Guqin player.

Mr. Qingxi Lou - for his book " Chinese Gardens."

Mr. Malcolm Raggett - for friendly encouragement and provision of " Some Notes on Chinese Gardens; and in particular beautiful photography."

Shtyle.fm friend and photographer Ms Rebecca - for the permitted images in Nanxun.

Mr.Myron Redding - Mudman Collector - for information on the Myths, Facts and Fiction, surrounding these ornamental parts of penjing.

Ren Young - for the article called - Cosmogony, fictionality, poetic creativity: Western and traditional Chinese cultural perceptions.

Author - Rene Colin - for information on the painted map of the Wang Shi Yuan, in Suzhou.

Rob from Alberta, Canada - for information on his favourite five Chinese Teapots.

Mr. Dan Robinson - artisan & preservation exponent  ' extraordinaire, ' of elandan gardens, near Bremerton, Puget Sound, WA, USA - for his momentous hospitality and time honoured, personal tour of this magnificent miniature tree sanctuary.

Composers Rodgers and Hammerstein - for the musical lyrics of ' Let's start at the very beginning and Climb every mountain.'

Artist Gary Rondez - for his RedBubble images of the " Portland Chinese Gardens."

Pianist - Shao Rong- for " Chinese Garden," & " Poetic Sonatica."

Author Richard Rosenblum - for his book / catalogue " World Within Worlds: The Richard Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholar's Rocks." and for his essay ' The Symbolism of Chinese Rocks, ' as an excerpt from his book essay ' An Artist Collects.'

Photographer samuraibushido.deviantART.com - for the image of Spring blossom in the Portland Chinese garden.

Artist Mike Savad - Westfield, New Jersey, United States of America - for his RedBubble Fine Art prints of Chinese gardens.

Garden creators Ted, Ann, David & Kimberly Schnormeier - Gambier, Ohio, United States of America - for information on their Schnormeier Chinese Cup Garden.

Dr. Edmund Schulman - Dendrochronologist of University of Arizona, United States of America - for the discovery, back in 1932, which led to the aging of the Ancient Bristlecone Pines.

Author Vera Schwarcz - for her book " Place and Memory in the Singing Crane Garden."

Author Lisa See - for information on Chinese culture, through her enlightening books.

Shtyle.fm friend and photographer Ms Sha Wei - for permitted use of her lotus image.

Artist Musician Oliver Shanti - for the YouTube presentation on Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Artisan Shaomin Shen - for his penjing training art.

Poet Shen Fu - for his writing  " Six Chapters [ Records ] of a Floating Life." both as a wonderful autobiographical account and also as a valuable Chinese Garden Design concept.

Artist Patricia Shriver- for her RedBubble image " Chinese Garden Window Scene."

Literatus and China garden owner Sima Guang - for information on his,     " Garden of Solitary Delight."

Photographer nzsimpson [Photobucket.com] - for image of the pailau outside the entrance to the Dunedin Chinese Garden Lan Yuan.

Mr. Andrew Smith - another artisan & preservation exponent ' extraordinaire, ' from Apline Acres Dr, Deadwood, SD, United States of America - for his wonderful DVD on " How to Collect Wild Trees."

Ms Jean Smith - for her scholar's Studio.

Calligrapher Qian Song 1807-1860 - for information on Qing dynasty seal, " Hall of Receiving Scripture."

French Author Rolf Stein - for information on Chinese mountains.

Communicator & photographer Su Tina - for information on creativity, clarity & happiness.

Photographer Sun Bhapy - for the permitted images of China's watertowns.

Postage Stamp artist Sun Chuanzhe - for information on his painting,         " Suzhou Gardens in Violet Tones."

Shtyle.fm friend Sunnyvip - for information on the Pagua and 64 Hexagram figure by Zhou Wen Wang.

Mr. Marvin Sweet - Chinese scholar & artisan potter - Merrimac, MA, United States of America - for in particular, the article - The Yixing Effect: Echoes of the Chinese Scholar.

Ms Tan Cheng Lok Stella - for permitted use of her photo of the great Guqin player Zha Fuxi.

Senior User Experience Design Consultant Tan Chui Chui - for information on Chinese web design patterns.

Mr. Tan James - Chinese Artist - Vancouver, BC - for information on Chinese painting.

Photographer Tan Jamie - for her permitted images of the Ou Yuan, in Suzhou.

Ms Tang Ai Wen - for being a ' facebook,' friend and providing the introductory facebook photo of her favourite scuba diving locality - Tobermory.

Mr. David Reed Thomas - for information on Chan artists & artistry.

Musician John Thompson - for information on " Silkqin.com "  his website for the Guqin.

Photographer ~tokyonights.deviantART.com - for the image of the Zhuozheng Yuan.

Mr. Philippe Tot - Curator of the Lingnan Chinese Garden of Friendship & Master of Lingnan penjing at the garden - Sydney, Australia - for his assistance & encouragement, with the Chinese Penjing Artists Association of Australasia Incorporated.

Innovator Tsai Lun - for the composition of paper.

Chair Professor Wen-Hsiang Tsai, Ph. D. NCTU - Taiwan - for information on the Hwa Tao Yao.

Photographer Tung James - Hsintien City, Taipei County, Taiwan - for photos of the Lin Family Mansion & Garden in Pan Chiao City.

Mr. Peter Valder - Australia, Plant pathologist, journeyman, teacher and author of books, the likes of Gardens in China & Garden Plants of China - for his encouragement, humility and knowledge.

Photographer Luis Valdizon [Photobucket.con] - for image of a lattice window in a Chinese garden.

Photographer Mirja van Dijk - for permitted use of photos of the roof lines in Chinese Garden pavilions.

Photographer vikingjon.deviantART.com - for images of Chinese gardens.

Mr. Wu Po Man - Hong Kong - Son of the late Master Wu Yee Sun - for his encouragement & friendship, with Chinese culture and penjing.

Ms Yang Xufei - guitarist of traditional Chinese music - for associated, information provision.

Mr. Steven Young - The Chinese in New Zealand - Wellington, New Zealand - blog on stevenyoung.co.nz - for his friendly encouragement & support.

Artist Yu Feilu - for permitted use of her photos of a hall entrance way and a puppet play sun setting.

Literatus & China garden owner Yuan Mei - for information on his " Garden of Accomodation."

Author Brian Browne Walker - for information on the I-Ching.

Mr. Wai Joe - for his rendering of the planned Tacoma Chinese garden.

Virtuoso Stephen C. Walker - for information on the Guqin.

Photographer Ms Wang Christine - for permitted use of photos of China scenery.

Ms Wang Fei - Guqin soloist and president of the North American Guqin Association - for information associated with traditional Chinese music.

Artist Ms Wang Mei - for her permitted use of the photo featuring the " Bamboo Sea in Southern Sichuan."

Dr. Wang Ming  &  Mr. Carlos Enrique Gonzalez - for their timeless Chinese erhu & classical guitar music CD on " Music for Sight," and friendly encouragement with this project.

Author Wang Ping - for information on the " Behindthegateexhibit.org " and her permitted use of the ' old_gate,' image.

Chief Advisory Officer Mr. Wang Ronghua [ Beijing Budding Flower International Culture Promotions Co. Ltd ] - for information on Traditional Chinese Culture.

Photographer Wang Weichen - for beautiful images of penjing in China's garden art.

Author Yanping Wang - for the book " Law Codes of Dynastic China."

Vocationalist Mr. Wang Zhan-Hui - for information on vocational expertise.

Shtyle.fm friend and photographer Ms Watini Tina - for permitted use of her photo from the Hong Kong Flower Show.

Artist Daniela Weil - for her RedBubble images of " Traditional Chinese Architecture " & " Tranquility in Black & White."

Writer Barry Wellman - for information on the changing nature of Guanxi.

Artist Wenda Gu - for information on the " Forest of Stone Steles."

Shtyle.fm friend and photographer Mr. Yves Werling - for permitted use of an image of a Lanzhou courtyard residence.

Writer " WI," - for information on his / her " Chinese Method of Dwarfing Trees," published in the Gardeners Chronicle 21 of November 1846.

Mr. Oliver Wild - for information on The Silk Road.

Ms Wu Changhua - Greater China Director - The Climate Group - for information on the environment as it pertains to China.

Artist Wu Chang Shuo - for information on his painting  / poster of a Chinese Garden scene.

Yueju Actress Wu Feng Hua - for information on the Xiaobaihua Shaoxing Opera Troupe in Shaoxing.

Tripadvisor photographer [ wnbamiamisol ] Key Lago, Florida - for the image of an " Everglades literati " tree.

Author Wu Jingzi - for his book " The Scholars."

Photographer Wu Junniper - for photographs of Chinese garden lanterns in Yunnan.

Author Wu Ching-Tzu - for his book " The Scholars."

Ms Wu Olivia - San Francisco Chronicle - for her article published on Mr. William Wu's Chinese garden dream for the West.

Artist Wu Shuoxian  - for information about Chinese garden soundscapes.

Mr. Wu William - Master of the Nets - Classical Chinese Garden - Suzhou - for his wonderful garden dream for the West.

Virtuoso Wu Ziying - for information on the Guqin.

Photographer Gary Yamamoto [ also husband of Ms Andrea H. Gold of Gold Stars Speakers Bureau in Tucson, Arizona, United States of America - for his photos of the Lingering Garden in Suzhou and Punsai Garden.

Translator Yang Xianyi - for the book " The Scholars."

Shtyle.fm friend and photographer Xing Hong - for permitted images of the Qiao Yuan, Taizhou City; and He Yuan, Jiangshu Province.

Artist Xu Beihong [ 1895 - 1953 ] - for his landscape paintings featured on postage stamps.

Dr. Xu Hongtao - for information on his Guigen Qigong.

Photographer Xu Joanne - for permitted use of a snow scene image.

Designer Kejun [ Michelle ] Xu - for information on Chinese Web Design.

Author Xue Xinran - for her wonderful books and charity towards the Good Women of China.

Mr. Xu Shu Zheng ( Frank Xu ) of Nanjing, China - an exporter of penjing pots , Chinese poet & writer  potsforbonsai.com  - for his encouragement, friendship and translation assistance.

Author & Translator Yang Gladys - for her part in the book " The Scholars."

Artist Yang Lily X - for her images of the Grand View Garden in " Land of Illusion." and for information on Digital Media.

Virtuoso Yang Shin-Yi - for information on the Guqin.

Philanthropist Ye Chengzhong - for his gifts to Education, back in the Qing Dynasty, China.

Virtuoso Yip Mingnei - for information on the Guqin.

Sage of Flute - General Yin Huan - for his musical composition " Three variations of Plum Blossom."

Journalist Yu Bingxia - for information in the article about Shen Shaomin penjing traing art.

Mr. Yu Hong - for his part in the translation of Lou Qingxi's book " Chinese Gardens."

Mr. Yu James - Restoration / Maintenance Co-ordinator, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC - for his friendship, hospitality, humility and expert tuition, in the area of scheduled maintenance & preservation of Chinese gardens.

Mr. Yu Sianglin - Canton Botanic garden Botanist and co-author of the book " The Garden Art of China."

Lin Ben - Yuan Family - Banciao City, Taipei County, Taiwan - for information on their abode and garden.

Artist Yuan Xiaomei - for information about Chinese garden soundscapes and audio & video recording, within them.

FACEBOOK Friend - Ms Yun Moon - for permitted use of photographs of seasons & senses.

Painter Zhang Dentang - for his paintings of Chinese mountains & trees.

Architect Zhang Jinqiu - for information on her architectural creation of the    " Tang Lotus Garden."

Mr. Zhang Lei - for his part in the translation of Lou Qingxi's book " Chinese Gardens."

WildChina Founder Ms Zhang Mei - for her travel expertise and lifelong learning experience tours to China's Classical Gardens.

WildChina Founder Ms Zhang Mei - for her travel expertise with Classical Chinese Gardens.

Facebook Friend Ms Zhang Xiaofeng and her Erhu Performing Father - for permitted featuring of a photo of her life-long Erhu playing Father.

Photographer Zhang Yuying - for permitted images of the Community Hall garden in Hangzhou.

Master Zhao Qingquan - Yiangzihou, Jiangsu province, China - Pioneer of the " Water & Land," style penjing, journeyman, tutor, author of books including Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment. China Penjing Artists Association - for his assistance and understanding, as relates penjing.

Artist Zhao Wuchao - Born in Hainan, Guangdong Province, China - for his landscape and other Chinese paintings.

Artist Zhao Mengjian - for his painting " The Three Friends of Winter."

Mezzo Soprano Zheng Cao - for information on " Opera in the Park, " at the Overfelt Chinese Cultural Garden.

FACEBOOK friend Ms Zheng Jia - for locating photos of photographer Lulu Gifford, for permitted use.

Artisan Wen Zhengming - for his paintings of China Gardens.

Editorial member Luo Zhenwen & the entire team @ the Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China - for information on the book " Charms of Classical Chinese Gardens."

Chef Zhou Nicholas - for information on " Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking."

Artist Zhou Yan - for his painting " Elegant Gathering."

Zhou Wen Wang - attributed the artistry of the 64 Hexagram figure.