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Erhu - life-long player of this Traditional Chinese musical instrument, Mr. Zhang - photo courtesy of his daughter Ms Zheng Xiaofeng.

Firstly, shall we herald the Garden Musicians in:

Please visit " The Chinese Gong," by clicking on this LINKAGE:            

                  Gongs Unlimited

Please visit, through LINKAGE:     Zheng Yun Qin Guan

Please visit, through YouTube LINKAGE:

[ We hope that your computer does supports the necessary software to display or view these - Real Player and You Tube  ].

richard clayderman - Poetic Sonatina.flv

Please visit Mr. Richard Clayderman & Ms Shao Rong, through LINKAGE:

              Chinese Garden - Cherished Moments

Please visit the Chinese Website of Nan Lian Garden, through LINKAGE:

              Chinese Music Series       and

              The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, through LINKAGE:

              Cultural Presentation Section

Erhu     Chinese Garden Musicians & Ensembles


Please visit an inspiring introduction by Ms Wang Fei, through LINKAGE:

                     " Without Ulterior Motives."


Please visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, through LINKAGE:   Pipa

Please visit The Jumping Buddha Ensemble, through LINKAGE:

                      Traditional Music of China


Please visit Ms Liu Fang, pipa soloist, through LINKAGE:     liufangmusic.net

Please visit Ms Qui Xia He, pipa soloist, through LINKAGE:    Qiu Xia 

Please visit Ms Mei Han, zheng soloist, through LINKAGE:     Mei Han

Please visit Ms Wang Fei, qin soloist, through LINKAGE:      Wang Fei

Please visit Ms Xuefei Yang, guitar soloist, through LINKAGE:      


And stephengoss.net, through LINKAGE:   The Chinese Garden

                                                       :  Compositions

                                                       :  Music Score

Please visit Ms Shen Qi, erhu soloist, through LINKAGE:   Erhu Soloist

Please visit erhu Master Gao George, through LINKAGE:    Erhu Website

Please visit Ms Lee Viviane, erhu soloist, through LINKAGE:   MyspaceMusic

                             and in Chinese also through  LINKAGE:  VivianeMusique

Please visit LanTungMusic.com through LINKAGE:         Erhu

Guzheng in between Grand Piano's

Please visit Lang Lang.com, through LINKAGE:

                       Lang Lang

And / Or           Lang Lang International Music Foundation

Please visit the North American Guqin Association, through LINKAGE: 


                            Music for Chinese Gardens

Please visit the Australia Asia Foundation, through the following LINKAGE;

by clicking on    The Australian Chinese Music Ensemble

Please visit the Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra, through the following LINKAGE;

by clicking on    Chaofeng.com.au

Please visit the Music Association of Auckland, through the following LINKAGE;

by clicking on     Instrumental     or                                            


Please visit the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble, through LINKAGE:

                 Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Music

Please visit   Silk Road Music & Jou Tou   by clicking on this LINKAGE.

Please visit   Yellow River Ensemble    by clicking on this LINKAGE.

Please visit the Vancouver Piano Ensemble, through LINKAGE:

                   Music for Four Pianists

Please visit The United Kingdom and Europe's leading Chinese music agency, through LINKAGE:

                   The UK Chinese Ensemble

Please also visit Ms Cheng Yu, through LINKAGE:

Internationally renowned pipa & guqin virtuoso, scholar and specialist in Chinese music

Please visit the TENG Company, through LINKAGE:

 Singaporean Chinese Instrumentalists


Please visit China People Promotions, through LINKAGE:


then, for further detail & explanation, through LINKAGE:

Plucked Strings, Bowed Strings, Blown Woodwind & Percussion Instruments

Please visit MelodyOfChina.com through Datung Arts LLC LINKAGE.

Please visit Chineseculture.net, through LINKAGE:


Please visit chineseculture.net/guqin/instruments, through LINKAGE:

                Erhu music CDs, Videos and Books

Please visit patmissin.com, through LINKAGE:


Please visit theshengplayer.com, through LINKAGE:


Please visit SOGOEO.com, through LINKAGE:

              Mini Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments

Please visit music.ibiblio.org, through LINKAGE:

                 The Internet Chinese Music Archive

Please visit cssa.org.uk, through LINKAGE:


                Chinese Music for Everyone

Please visit chinesemusic.net, through LINKAGE:

         Chinese Music Society of North America

Please visit Warwick Music, through LINKAGE:

                Yu Yuan Suite for Descant Recorder & Piano

And           Yu Yuan Suite - Music Score by John Robert Brown

Please visit hbdirect.com, through LINKAGE:

              International -  Chinese Music

Please visit Malmusic.com, through LINKAGE:

             Richmond & Chinatown Stores, BC.