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Emperor Huang Di

Ancient TCM Image

Please visit the     Canadian College for Chinese Studies     as a welcome.

Entrance to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Please visit the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, through LINKAGE:


Please visit holistichongkong.com, through LINKAGE:

              Traditional Chinese Medicine  FAQ

Please visit Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd, through LINKAGE:

              Experience living in the traditional health wisdom.

Please visit the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia, Canada, through LINKAGE:


Please visit IMeG Health, through LINKAGE:


Please visit the Medical & Wellness Centre of Toronto  and parent associate Sanjiu (999) Pharmaceutical Company of China, through LINKAGE:

             Longevity          and whilst Chinese gardens & penjing in themselves, provide solace for the stress of everyday life......

             How Sanjiu Chinese Medicine can Help with Depression

As related to life in a Chinese garden & penjing scene...

In brief and simplistically stated…

Qigong for general healing

Medical qigong is the cultivation of energy specifically for health preservation and restoration.

It is one of the three main schools of qigong; martial, medical, and spiritual…

We, at Chinese Garden Scene;

are going to focus on Medical qigong, for Chinese gardens.

Why ?

Because, it is a cornerstone of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ;

being acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical massage and medical qigong.

It consists of techniques that relax and integrate the mind and body, and strengthen the body's tissues and organ functions.

Also, because Chinese gardens & penjing;

are peaceable places of refreshment, serenity and tranquility...

We, at Chinese Garden Scene, therefore believe, it to be more fitting an environment for Medical Qigong, than the martial type qigong and associated Tai Chi, which with respect to their practitioners;

are probably better suited for specific tuition, competition and display facilities ( perhaps including courtyards ) -  beyond the walls of Chinese gardens.


Please visit JSQG.SPORT.ORG.CN  through LINKAGE:

                         Liu Zi Jue

Six Healing Sounds - is a practice form focusing on breathing, with routines; originating in Taoist and TCM schools of the Southern and Northern dynasties and further developed in the Tong & Song dynasties. The more modern form Liu Zi Jue matured in the Ming & Qing dynasties.

Then visit also, through LINKAGE:

                          Wu Qin Xi

Frolics of Five Animals - has the objective of enhancing fitness, good health & longevity; and stems from more than 2000 years ago in Changsha, Hunan Province of China.

Please visit Guigen Qigong, through LINKAGES:     About

                                                                     Dr. Xu Hongtao


Please now visit the International Institute of Medical Qigong, through permitted LINKAGE to this overseas college ( located in Palm Desert, California, United States of America ) of Medical Qigong of the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Or for Canada, you can click on   medicalqigongcanada.org

And / Or, you may wish to visit   Daoist Qigong Collective    who promote Medicinal Daoism (TM), following the health & spirit cultivation practices of Daoist Chinese medicine masters from ancient times, up to the present day.

And / Or, you may visit permitted LINKAGE to  Qigong Healing   at the Qigong Research & Practice Centre, in Nederland, United States of America.

And / Or, you may wish to visit    The Yellow Mountain Institute    who offer Medical Qigong and TCM.

And / Or, you may choose to visit     Mountain Spirit Qigong     who are associated with...

the    Ling Gui International Healing Qigong         School in Portland.

Please visit Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness, through LINKAGE:

          Don't let ancient knowledge, become a thing of the past.

then go to:                 QIGONG

Please visit Forestrock.com, through LINKAGE:

    Forest Rock Qigong Monastery School Charitable Trust

then           Qigong History

and            Shibashi Qigong DVD

and            Baduanjin Qigong DVD

Please visit Seattle Chinese Garden, through LINKAGE:

           Qi gong means "cultivating energy"

Please visit, through Oriental Medical Care, LLC LINKAGE:

          Dantien & Mingmen

Please visit Oriental Medical Care, LLC, through LINKAGE:

How Acupuncture Will Benefit You

Please visit AcuVancouver.com, through LINKAGE:

         ' the path to a healthier life.'

Please visit OMDWeb, through LINKAGE:

         Dr. Hu. Helen H. OMD. LAc

Please visit Mr. Ron Teeguarden, through LINKAGE:

         Chinese Licorice Root

TCM Herbs

Please visit healthymagnets.com, through LINKAGE:  Energy Tonic

Please visit the Green Life Herbal Pharmaceutical Company, through LINKAGE:

                Chinese herb database sorted by pin yin name

Please visit 1stChineseHerbs.com, through LINKAGE:

               Reference Chart - Common - Botanical & Pin Yin Names

And / Or, through LINKAGE of Mr. Ron Teaguarden:

              Chinese Tonic Herbs - Supporting Herbs

Please visit 1stChineseHerbs.com, through LINKAGE:

           Historical uses of Chinese Herbs

Please visit the Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Clinic in the United Kingdom, through LINKAGE:

             What we treat

Please visit sixpersimmons.com, through LINKAGE:

                TCM, Natural & Organic

Please visit DaoTea.ca, through LINKAGE:

                 Well being

Yin & Yang Baoding Chinese Exercise BallsYin & Yang - Chinese Exercise Balls.

Please visit, through LINKAGE:       Baoding balls 

And / Or visit, through LINKAGE:     Baoding Ball Technique.

Longevity - Baoding Chinese Exercise Balls

Please visit the following LINKAGE for a pdf download from ChinaBooks:        TCM Books

Please visit 1stChineseHerbs.com, through LINKAGE:

       Bring the Best of Chinese & Western Herbs Together

Please visit Mr. Lee Michael of Natural Vitamins Direct Inc., through LINKAGE  ( also available in Chinese ):

                   Hi Potency Multi, Vegetarian Formula.

Please  visit houngking.com, through LINKAGE:

          Services of the   Tri-Service Clinic

Please click on   " Music for Sight "  for permitted LINKAGE to this CD produced by Dr. Wang Ming and Mr. Carlos Enrique Gonzelez, for the Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration.