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Kunqu Opera in a China or Chinese garden.Much like the beautiful Chinese gardens of and near Suzhou....

Please visit ChinaOpera.Net, through LINKAGE:

              About Kun Opera

Please visit CCIV - Chinese Civilisation Centre - Web of Chinese Civilisation - of 5,000 years; through LINKAGE:

                   Kunqu Opera

Please visit ai.ustc.edu.cn, through LINKAGE:

              Kunqu opera, further explained

Please visit absolutechinatours.com, through LINKAGE:

            Crane Garden - Suzhou - Kunqu Chinese Opera

You Yuan Jing Meng - performed by Mei Lanfang and Yu Zhengfei.

Please visit cgcmall.com, through LINKAGE:

Wandering in the Garden, waking from a dream.

Please visit Shanghai Cultural Information, through LINKAGE:

                Yueju Opera " The Story of Western Garden."

Please visit wufenghua.com, through LINKAGE:

            The Blossom of Shaoxing Opera

And       Famous " Yueju," actress Wu Feng Hua

Chinese opera trunk

Experimental Theatre of China National Opera Company;

an indoor theatre in the style of a Classical Chinese Garden.

Please visit piao.com.cn, through LINKAGE:

          Peking Opera: River Side Pavilion  ( Wang Jiang Ting )

Another opera being performed at the Suzhou, private garden - Master of the Nets.Another opera in the Master of Fishing Nets, private China Garden in Suzhou.

Please visit Travel CRIEnglish.com, through LINKAGE:

                     Nanxun Water Town - Outdoor stage

Please visit the seattlecenter.com, though LINKAGE:

               A glimpse of China @ Seattle Centre

Please visit chineseculturalgarden.com @ Overfelt Gardens, through LINKAGE:

                    Opera in the Park

Including performances by Mezzo Soprano Zheng Cao and Bass Baritone Ding Gao.

Please visit pekingoperadiscovery.com, through LINKAGE:

             Overview & more

And / Or, visit the Little Pear Garden Collective, through LINKAGE:

              4 Major Characters of Peking Opera

The stage is set.......

Shuhe, an Old Town in Lijiang, in Yunnan Province.