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Regardless, Your chosen or necessary transportation - to get there.....

A Maglev train leaving Shanghai's International Airport.

Chinese Rickshaw

China Garden tour

A lake cruiser launch, the likes of what famous International film Director, Zhang Yimou might need to use.

Qing Dynasty Grand View Garden

Please visit the first example of these, through LINKAGE:

                  Gardens of China

And visit GardenVisit.com, the garden landscape guide, through LINKAGE:

                  Top Rated Gardens

And visit WildChina - Experience China Differently

[ I like to think of this as a preservation & sustainable difference ]


then SPECIFICALLY through WildChina.com Lifelong Learning Programs LINKAGE:

                  Classical Chinese Gardens

which not only includes the landscapes of inspiration;

it provides discourse with Suzhou local artists and a visit to their private,

literati style garden,

and is inclusive also of some of the literati arts practiced, by the ancient garden scholars.

And / Or visit Tourism Jiangsu, through LINKAGE:

                  Classical Chinese garden tours

and, what Garden Tour experience, would be considered complete; without taking in, the inspiration of the likes of Huangshan, through LINKAGE:

                   Yellow Mountains

And / Or a combination tour, through LINKAGE:

            Mt. Huangshan & Chinese Gardens

And / Or, through LINKAGE:


And / Or, through Ulriksdals Garden of Kivik, Sweden, LINKAGE:

                Garden tours to China

And / Or, Customised Tours, through LINKAGE:

                China - On - Your - Mind

No trip would be complete, without a cruise on the Yangtze River to the Three Gorges area...

Please visit Orient Royal Cruises, through LINKAGE:

                        Three Gorges

And in Taiwan, it is said that the Nan Yuan stands out as Taiwan's architectural gem....

Nan Yuan, located at No. 32 Jioucyonghu, Hsinpu Town, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

so, please visit Culture.tw, through LINKAGE:

                  Nan Yuan or South Garden

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Please visit CIBT, in association with Cathay Pacific, through LINKAGE:

                      China Visa Service

If you are not a citizen of the United Kingdom, then  your requirements and costs will likely vary. CIBT request that you contact them on 0844 800 4650.

Please visit ( courtesy of The Bridge School ) CHINAVISAhelp, through LINKAGE:


Please visit blog.ChinaTravelDepot.com through LINKAGE:

                 Get Your China Visa and Start Your China Tours

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                Corporate Hosting 


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