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Image of an effective, ancient Chinese method, to transfer water - it LINKED the source, with the recipients.     


" Elegant Gathering," a painting by artist Zhou Yan 1902.

" Elegant Gathering," 

a painting by artist Zhou Yan - 1902,

which was on loan from Dr. James Hayes,

at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia -

for an education event held on Monday, 3 October 2005 -

called  ' Poetic Mandarin Calligraphy Culture Day.'

Please visit the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia - Asian Gallery

through LINKAGE:

                          Meet a Chinese scholar...


Please visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, through LINKAGE:  


The Four Main Arts of the Chinese Scholar - siyi

  • qin ( Guqin )

  • qi  ( Chinese Chess )

  • shu  ( Calligraphy )

  • hua  ( Painting )

Qin Traditional Plucked Instrument                 Qin

Please visit information. through wikipedia LINKAGE: 


Learned Guqin player Zha Fuxi [ 1895 - 1976 ]

Please visit Chouwenchung.org, through LINKAGE:       Philosophy Qin

Please visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, through LINKAGE:             Qin

Please visit Guqin Music at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco,

through LINKAGE:

                    The Guqin is China's Oldest String Instrument

and                                 Guqin Lecture

Please visit the North American Guqin Association, through LINKAGE:

                 Guqin product recommendations

Please visit the New York Qin Society, through LINKAGE:

                  Ancient Music

Please visit the London Qin Society, through LINKAGE of:

                 Youlan Qin Society

Qin virtuoso...........

Please visit Wikimedia.org through LINKAGE:

Painting: Listerning to the Qin [聽琴圖]

English Translation: Song Huizong's "Ting Qin Tu" 聽琴圖 Listening to the Qin

Date ca. 11th century

Please visit the Official Li Xiangting Guqin Gu Qin page, through LINKAGE:


Please visit the website of Wu Ziying, through LINKAGE:

                   Art of Qin

Please visit the website of Chang Peiyou, through LINKAGE:

                  Chinese guqin playing & notation

Please visit the website of Yang Shin-Yi, through LINKAGE:


Please visit the website of Phimultic.com, through LINKAGE:

                 Fang Liu

Please visit the website of Yip Mingmei, through LINKAGE:

                 Index - Go to - Qin Music

Please visit the website of Silkqin.com, through LINKAGE:

                 John Thompson

Please visit the website of  Stephen C. Walker, through LINKAGE:


Please visit the website of NPM.gov.tw, through LINKAGE:

              Qingao painting

It is said, that Immortal Qingao was so named because of his superb skill in playing the guqin.

This is a Qing imprint of the 6th year of the Xianfeng reign [ 1856 ].


Chinese Chess -  Weiqi - Go                     Chinese Chess

Please visit firstly Chinese or Elephant Chess, through LINKAGE:  


Then visit Reflections on Learning and Teaching Xiangqi in Canada;

through LINKAGE:

                   The Chess Game in the Tangerine

Qing dynasty xiangqi set

Please then visit Xiangqi organisations, through LINKAGE:




If you have a hankering, to play online, go to LINKAGE:

       Qianhong     And / Or    HiddenLynx

Ancient Seal Characters Qin dynasty carvings of Mt. Tai                      Calligraphy

Please click on the above stamp, to take you

(courtesy of Professor Patricia Ebrey & the University of Washington)

to some beneficial information about Calligraphy.

Please visit the National Palace Museum, through LINKAGE: 

        Ancient Art of Writing             


And / Or, the Selections Gallery, directly, through LINKAGE: 


And / Or, visit the Calligraphic World, through LINKAGE of:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                        Mi Fu's Art        and please be patient... 


And / Or, visit through LINKAGE:  The Music of Lines      

Please visit Chilture.com - Disabled Artists, through LINKAGE: 

                                    ENDURE Asian 


Please visit Estudychinese.com, through LINKAGE:  

               Chinese Calligraphy and Painting                                                                                                                        

Scholar's Ink StonePlease click on the Stamp for LINKAGE                                                                                                                                                                           to 3benefits.com

Li Keran Painting of Viewing Waterfall under a Pine                   Landscape Painting

Please click on the above stamp, to take you (courtesy of Professor

Patricia Ebrey and the University of Washington)

to some beneficial information about Chinese Painting.

Please visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, through LINKAGE: 


Please visit through home.att.net, LINKAGE Ms Cheung Helena:

Professor Hsu Dan's art studio LINKS appear to be down @ present ]

      The Paintings of HSU DAN    &   Welcome to Dan's Art Studio

Please visit the      Residence of Chang Dai-chi'en

courtesy of the National Palace Museum,  through this LINKAGE.

Fan Painting by Wang Wu in Qing dynasty

Please click on the above stamp, to take you (courtesy of Professor

Patricia Ebrey and the University of Washington)

to some more Technical information about Chinese Painting.

Please visit the following web sites,for a refreshing look at

Chinese painting; through LINKAGE:



Please visit the Xiamen International Art Company Limited,  

through LINKAGE:            Artree 

Please visit through LINKAGE:  

Chinese Painting of Bamboo, Plum Blossoms & Pine Tree

Then also visit the main site of ChineseArtStore.com,

through LINKAGE:        3FriendsofWinter

Please visit the Wenshao Gallery, through LINKAGE:  

  Painting & Calligraphy

Please visit Chinapedia - China Assistor, through LINKAGE:

              Qi Bashi  (1864 - 1957 )

Artist Xu Beihong [ 1895 - 1953 ]

Please visit the Weatherburn Gallery, for the Oil Paintings

of Artist Yiqian Shu, through LINKAGE:


             Chinese gardens in Autumn

Please visit artelino - Art Auctions, for contemporary Woodcut

paintings of Artist Liu Suying, through LINKAGE:

            Suzhou Gardens

Please visit ArtworkOriginals, through LINKAGE:

           Suzhou Gardens in Violet Tones by Chuanzhe Sun

           Sun Chuanzhe

Please visit the Fine Art Gallery, through LINKAGE:

               Artist Zhao Wuchao

Please visit Saatchi-gallery, through LINKAGE:

               Artist Roger E Gorrin - Chinese Scholar's Garden

Please visit the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, through LINKAGE:

              Chinese paintings from the Henricksen Collection - Garden Scene

Please visit The Palace Museum [ Digital Palace Museum ], through LINKAGE:

             Fine Works of the Ming and Qing Women Painters

Please visit Wikipedia.org, through LINKAGE:

              Three-fold Masterpiece of Poetry, Calligraphy & Painting

The above image, being scaned from WEN Zhengming  文徵明 

                       An Old Chinese Garden.

A Three-fold Masterpiece of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting,

by Wen Chen Ming 文待詔拙政園圖[全, studied by Kate Kerby;

textes translated by MO Zung Chung, Shanghai 上海,

Chung Hwa Book Company  中華書局, 1922.

Seal of 'Le Yuanming Yuan Chiu Che Bing.'            Chinese Seals          

Please visit the China Culture Organisation, through LINKAGE:  


Please visit China Art Realization, through LINKAGE:   

              Chinese Seal Carving

Please visit the Hong Kong Art & Collectibles Club,

through LINKAGE: 

      Ancient Chinese Seal Collections

Please visit Sea Eagle Coins & Antiquities, through LINKAGE: 

               Qing Dynasty Seals

Please visit Chineseartnet.com, through LINKAGE:

               Tian Duo Zhong

Poet Li Bai                      Poetry

“ Thousands of feet high, tower the Yellow Mountains,

with their thirty-two magnificent peaks,

blooming like golden lotus flowers,

amidst red crags and rock columns.”   

Li Bai

Please visit Mountainsongs.net, through LINKAGE:

              Chinese Poetry - An Entertainment

Please visit Poet Chao Yu-Han, through LINKAGE:

              We Grow Old        

Front cover of Poet Chao Yu-Han's " We Grow Old," 53 Chinese Love Poems.

and then


Please visit our dear friend Xu Shu Zheng ( Frank Xu ),

to read some of his poetry, at the conclusion of his biography;

through permitted LINKAGE.

                                                                        Paper Cuts

Paper Cut by ArtisticChineseCreations.com

Please click on the above paper cut, to take you to

Artistic Chinese Creations.

Please visit the China Art World, through LINKAGE:

             Lin Yu Qing's - Paper Cuts - Suzhou Garden Series

                                                            Silk Embroidery

Chinese Silk embroidery

Please visit the Gallery on the Lake in Buckhorn, Ontario,

Canada, through LINKAGE:

                          Carving Gate Garden - Qing Zhang

Please visit AllPosters.com, through LINKAGE:

               Chinese Garden Scene by Artist:  Wu Changshuo