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Tang dynasty scholar

Chinese Gardens

“ My mind goes wandering in Chinese gardens
Where sacred lotus flowers bloom in vain
I'll never see or touch those crisp, white blossoms,
Nor thrill to rustling bamboo in the rain.

They say the secrets hidden in thick bushes
Can only be revealed to emperors.
Not even they can see the garden in its fullness
Until their road has ended, life has run the course.

I'm told today the gates have been thrown open
To everyone from hills to China Seas.
The work of centuries by royal tenders
Is now exposed, all commoners to please.

I cannot see myself in lush, exotic gardens.
While searching, tampering those hidden springs,
I'd touch a lotus languishing in splendor,
Disturbing dragonflies with silver wings.

There is a wall as high as your north border,
That bars me from those royal treasured routes.
Mysterious like opium though your gardens,
I will not tread that silk trail, marred by boots.

Sometimes I yield to oriental dreaming,
When little daisies in the grass seem rather plain.
Yet on the days when dragons of my soul spew fire,
Those gentle wildflowers quench a searing pain.

No one can tell what's hidden in your gardens
That only emperors may fathom joyfully.
I lie here on an ordinary meadow.
My answer here, too close to really see.

My mind goes wandering in Chinese gardens,
Where sacred lotus flowers bloom in vain.
I'll never see or touch those crisp, white blossoms,
Nor thrill to rustling bamboo in the rain. “

Liilia Morrison

Liilia has explained this to me as; 

" Having visited several oriental gardens and having seen videos about China, ancient and modern. I was inspired to write this poem. As an artist, I love the serene scenes in Chinese books and restaurants."

Ms Liilia Morrison's poetry, can be found on poemhunter.com

Liilia was born in Estonia, came to the United States when she was 12 years old, and has spent most of her adult life in Florida.

She studied at the Music and Art High School, the Museum of Modern Art and at the Art Students League, all in New York City.

While working as a portraiture artist in Palm Beach County, Fl, an art teacher in Flagler County Schools, Fl. and a muralist in South Beach and Daytona;

Liilia also created "Art is Heart" events on South Beach, as well as other events and installations. She acted as the administrator of the Southeast Art Collection in Coral Gables.

Liilia enjoys poetry, journaling and photography.

She is a lover of people, nostalgia, memories, and is especially touched by the effect that art has on people.

Poetry gif.