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  • Chinese Garden at Biddulph Grange, United Kingdom

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:    Chinese Garden

Please also ( for the period 3 May - 27 October 2008 ) visit A Chinese garden @ the British Museum; through LINKAGE:      China Landscape Garden   and for the backround, through LINKAGE: Travel

  • Yianxiu Yuan - Swallow Beauty Garden, Liverpool

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:   Festival Gardens

  • Jardin Yili, St. Remy L'Honore, Paris, France

Please visit the jardin, through LINKAGE:      Yili

  • The Hiden Kingdom in Ming - Hortus, Haren, Netherlands

Please visit the tuin, through LINKAGE:      Hortus Haren  and  Qigong

  • Chinese Garden , Berlin, Germany

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:    Garden of the Reclaimed Moon

Moon in Space

  • Chinesischer Garten der Ruhr-Universitat Bochum.

Please visit the garden, through  ( German ) LINKAGE:   

                             Der Chinesische Garten

And / Or            Qian Yuan - der Garten der Dichter und Gelehrten

  • Chinese Garden in Duisburg, Germany

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:   Ying Qu

  • Frankfurt Chinese Garden, Germany

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:      Chinaseiten.de

note, that this Web site is in German language.

Interesting to note the following association, through LINKAGE:                                      Garden of Heavenly Peace

and their Chinese garden of inspiration - the Tan'ganyuan Garden

  • Chinese Garden in Hamburg, Germany

Please visit the Shanghai Daily, then People's Daily Online, through LINKAGE:

City gives garden to Germany  &   Replica of famed Chinese garden unveiled

  • Chinese Garden in Rostock, Germany

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:   Rui Hua Garden

  • Chinese Garden in Zurich, Switzerland

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGES:

                  Chinese Garden Zurich

                  Chinagarten Zurich             in German language


And / Or       Garden Photographs       

  • Garden of Serenity, Santa Lucija, Island of Malta

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE: however note firstly, the instructions, below. Thank You         Garden of Serenity

The site will open at the Santa Lucija Council - Please firstly select English on the left, then in the next screen; please select from the left hand index - Garden of Serenity.

Garden of Serenity in Santa Lucija, Malta

Please click on the following LINKAGE, to take you (courtesy of Speedy Adverts Portal ) to :


  • Chinese Garden, Cairo CICC, Al Qahirah, Egypt.

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:      CICC


  • Chinese Garden Enchoen, Yurihama Town, Japan.

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:     Chinese Garden Enchoen

And through their official web site [ Japanese only yet ]    encho-en

  • Fukushu-En Chinese Garden, Naha City, Kume, Okinawa

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:     Fukushu-En Park

Fukushu-En Chinese garden in Kume, Naha City, Okinawa

And / Or,  through LINKAGE:  fukushu

  • Rizal Park Chinese Garden, Manila

Please visit, through LINKAGE:   Flirtation in a Chinese Garden

Rizal Chinese garden

And / Or   National Parks - Dept. Tourism, Manila

Rizal Chinese Garden

  • Jurong Chinese Garden, Singapore

Please visit the garden, through LINKAGE:   Tikita's Island Chinese Garden

EW25 Tube train station for Jurong Chinese Garden in Singapore

And / Or through LINKAGE:       juronggardens

  • Taman Budaya Tionghoa Indonesia - Chinese Cultural Park - Jakarta

Please visit the official site of the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Complex, through LINKAGE:

                            Indonesian Tionghoa [Zhonghua ] Cultural Park

Please also visit the following two background articles; relating to the representation of ethnicity, as a symbol of change:

                           Chinese garden at Taman Mini - The Jakarta Post

and               The Construction of Chinese Indonesian Ethnic Identity 

                    by Yumi Kitamura of the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies

                    Kyoto University.