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Map of China

Please visit some interesting background information on Chinese Gardens, through Ancient World's LINKAGE:        Classical Chinese Gardens           

Imperial Gardens


  • Imperial Gardens in Beijing
  • Forbidden City (Palace Museum), Beijing
  • Imperial Garden in Former Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace Garden, Beijing.

  • Qianlong Garden in Former Imperial Palace
  • Jingshan Park (Hill of Scenic Beauty)
  • Fragrant Hills Park, Beijing 1186

  • Beihai Park 1179

Please visit the park, through LINKAGE:   beihaipark

  • Temple of Heaven
  • Sun Yat-Sen Park (Chung-shan Park)
  • Mansion of the Prince of Gong
  • Three Hills and Five Gardens, Beijing

  • Summer Palace (I Ho Yuan or Yi He Yuan)

Please visit the Palace, through LINKAGE:  Garden of Harmonious Pleasure

Please visit the Palace, through kinaballo.com LINKAGE:

           The Long Corridor

  • Yuan Ming Yuan ( Garden of Perfect Brightness) 1709

Please visit the recollections of the history of the Yuanmingyuan, through Mr. Che Bing Chiu at UCLA, LINKAGE:   Chinese Imperial Garden

ShenZhen Splendid China Development Co. Ltd - Replica of China's famous landscapes

ShenZhen Splandid China - Replica of China's Great Wall.

Please visit " Jing Xiu Zhong Hua " [ Splendid China ] Shenzhen, China through LINKAGE:

                                    Yuan Ming Yuan

  • Xiangshan Park
  • Summer Mountain Resort, Chengde
  • Imperial Summer Mt. Resort for Escaping Summer Heat, Chengde 1703

Famous Gardens in Other Parts of China

  • Baotu Spring, Jinan
  • Daming Lake, Jinan, Shandong

  • Confucius Mansion, Qufu, Shandong

Please visit the Mansion, through LINKAGE:  Qufu


  • Tang Lotus Garden, Xian, Shaanxi Province

Please visit TangParadise.cn, through LINKAGE:  

            Zhang Jinqiu's Architectural Creation   

Please visit China Architecture Building Press, through LINKAGE:

                         Zhang Jinqiu's Book  



  •             Du Fu's Thatched Hut

Please visit, through LINKAGE:   Chengdu Du Fu

Others yet to be website located and prperly ordered.......

  • Wangjianglou Park, Chengdu
  • Temple of the Marquis of Wu, Chengdu
  • Jinshan Temple, Zhenjiang
  • Huaqing Palace, Xi'an
  • Star Lake, Zhenjiang
  • Ancient Lotus Flower Pool, Banding
  • Jiaozhuang Garden, Xiamen, Fujian Province
  • Shihu (Ten Tablet) Garden, Weifang
  • East Lake of Wuhan
  • Jinci Temple, Taiyuan, Shanxi
  • The Norbu Linka Palace
  • Lo-yang, Luoyang
  • Park of grand View Pavilion, Kunming
  • Golden Temple Scenic Resort, Kunming
  • Cuihu Park, Kunming