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Please firstly, visit the Garden Hotel Suzhou, through LINKAGE:

                      Garden Hotel Suzhou occupies an historic walled garden,

located between the Master of Nets and Surging Waves Gardens, in Suzhou.

                      Location on Suzhou Map

                      Video Introduction

Garden Hotel Suzhou

Please visit also China's Top 25 Hotels, through LINKAGE:

                    Garden Hotel Suzhou 


Please visit the Zhu Family Garden [ Hotel ] in Jianshui, Yunnan, through YahooFlickr, images of photographer Steen Heilesen:

                    Zhu Family Garden Hotel

And             Sinowaytravel.com  Hotel Locator        


Beijing Courtyard Garden Hotel

Please visit the Xi'an Garden Hotel, through LINKAGE:

             Quintessential architecture with Tang style

Please visit the Garden Hotel Guangzhou, through LINKAGE:

              Oasis in the City

Please visit the Bamboo Garden Hotel in Beijing, through LINKAGE:

            The Qing Garden of Hao Yuan Hotel

And / Or visit the Spring Garden Courtyard-West Garden, Beijing, through LINKAGE:

                        Si He Yuan

Beijing Garden Hotel Courtyard