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Garden Rock - painting by Lan Ying 1641Garden Rock - painting by Lan Ying 1641



  • Gong Zi Tong - Tsinghua University Garden

Please visit, through LINKAGE:     H-Shaped House



Shanghai Area


  • Yu Yuan - an " Urban Mountain Forest."

An exterior wall of the Yu Yuan Garden, in Shanghai.

An entrance-way, at the Yu Yuan Garden, in Shanghai.

A corridor at the Yu Yuan Garden, in Shanghai.

An internal corridor at the Yu Yuan Garden, in Shanghai

Taihu rocks, inside the Yu Yuan Garden, in Shanghai.

  • Zuibai Pond
  • Square Pagoda Park
  • Qiuxia Nursery
  • Qushui Garden
  • Grand View Garden
  • Huilong Pond
  • Guyi Garden

Zhujiajiao Water Town

Kezhi Yuan

The name Kezhi is made up of the characters 课 (kè) which means

" to learn " and 植 (zhí) which means " to plant & cultivate ".

  • Kezhi [ Ma Family Residence ] Gardens.

Please visit About.com, through LINKAGE:             KeZhi Garden Photo

Please visit the  WELCOME   message, before entering the Suzhou Gardens;

then enjoy the wanderings of Chinese writer Lu Wenfu, on the UNESCO courier - World Heritage site; through LINKAGE:   SOUL of SUZHOU gardens

Please visit some of Suzhou's Classical Gardens, through LINKAGE:                          CLASSICAL

And / Or visit read some information on them found at Ancient Worlds, through LINKAGE:               Classical Read

And / Or visit some information on Chinese gardens and in particular, the Master of the Nets & the Humble Administrators gardens; through  South West Grid for Learning / Somerset County Council & the European Garden Heritage Network LINKAGE:

                            The Story of Gardens

And / Or visit, the following, through LINKAGE:  cnta

  • Zhou Zheng Yuan ( Humble Administrator's Garden ) 1506

Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou

Please visit through szzzy.cn,  LINKAGE:   History   &   Gallery

A lovely view over a pond & zig-zag bridge, in the Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou.

The same vista, yet slightly to the right of the previous view across the garden pond, Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou.

A wonderful photo to REFLECT upon the ' HUMBLE Administrator's Garden.'

  • Liu Yuan ( The Garden to Linger In ) 1595

The Garden to Linger In, Suzhou

Please visit the garden's official web site, through LINKAGE:

                                 Liu Garden

Please visit a descriptive translation, through LINKAGE:  Taohai.com

Lingering Garden in Suzhou.

Please visit a China Excursion of 2005, which visited the Lingering Garden, through jimgweb.com LINKAGE:  


  • Wang Shi Yaun   ( Garden of the Master of Fishing Nets 1440 )

Garden of the Master of Fishing Nets, Suzhou

Please click on the above photo, to take you (courtesy of Professor Patricia Ebrey and the University of Washington) to " Master of the Nets."

Please visit the garden and enjoy it's relaxing music, also; through YouTube video clip LINKAGE:

                  akersss - The net master garden at Suzhou

Please visit hpmuseum.org, through LINKAGE:      Master of Nets & some

  • Huanxiu ( Circular Grace ) Mountain Villa

Please visit, through china.org.cn LINKAGE:

               Huanziu Mountain Villa

  • Cang Lang Ting ( Pavilion of Surging Waves ) 1044

  • Shi Zi Lin   ( Lion Grove - Yuan Dynasty Garden 1336 )

Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou

Lion Grove Garden Rocks, Suzhou

  • Yi Pu Yuan -  Ming Dynasty  (  Garden of Arts - Garden of Cultivation )

Please visit, through   ccttours-Rediscovering China LINKAGE:

                              Garden of Cultivation

through arts.cultural-china.com                Yipu Yuan 

and through terebess.hu        Jingting Mountain Cottage                   

  • Ou Yuan - Qing Dynasty ( Couple's Garden )

Please visit, through szzzy.cn, LINKAGE:    The Couple's Retreat

through  ccttours.com Rediscovering China   East & West Gardens

and through terebess.hu      The Couple's Garden Retreat

  • Xi Yuan ( Western Garden )

  • Huqiu Shan ( Tiger Hill ) 500

  • Tuisi Yuan ( Garden of Retreat and Reflection)

Tusi Yuan is a tiny & delicate China garden; located in Tongli - Wujiang County - an aged-old and well preserved water township, on the outskirts of Suzhou.

Please visit through China-tongli.com LINKAGE:


and through ccttours.com Rediscovering China    

                        The Retreat and Reflection Garden

  • Yi Yuan - Qing Dynasty    ( The Garden of Pleasure  )

This is the most recently constructed of the Suzhou gardens and embodies much of the elements of all the rest, that preceeeded it.

Please visit, through  terebess.hu  LINKAGE:      Garden of Pleasance

  • Chang Yuan ( Free Garden )
  • Hui Min Yuan

  • The Garden of Meditation
  • The Garden of Herbs
  • The Garden of Harmony
  • The Garden of Secluded Beauty
  • The Garden of Whispering Maples

Please now visit a Suzhou Garden Elements site, through LINKAGE:


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