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              Landscapes in Miniature - Diminutive Landscapes

The Great Wall - ' diminutive,' in the Splendid China, of Shenzhen.

                                Splendid China     锦绣中华    Jinxiù Zhōnghuá



                                              Location Map

Splendid China's Great Wall, with the Skyscraper buildings of Shenzhen, in the distance.

Diminutive landscape of Splendid China, with the Shenzhen Cityscape, behind.

Yes, Friends...........China's Garden Art............further reduced.

An explanation of the Shanghai Yu Yuan, in the Splendid China, of Shenzhen.

Splendid China's diminutive replica Yu Yuan, in Shen zhen.

Attention to ' people ' detail, in the Splendid China Yu Yuan replica, of Shenzhen.

Moving inland [ yet not ] to Suzhou garden city........

An explanation of the Spendid China's " Master of the Fishing Nets," scholar garden, in Shenzhen.

'The Monastery,' on a ' diminutive,' scale - no less precarious, built against the cliffs of Splendid China, in Shenzhen.

Diminished scale of these cliff-faced pavilions, is so resemblant of the real thing.

An explanation of the Splendid China's Tengwang Pavilion, in Shenzhen.

Splendid China's Tengwang Pavilion 'diminutive,' replica, in Shenzhen.

Such amazing attention to detail in these diminutive pavilion replicas of Splendid China, in Shenzhen.

Even over the lakes at Splendid China, the wonders of diminutive artistry, continues, in Shenzhen.

As if every roof tile, has been individually placed, here at Splendid China, in Shenzhen.

As one looks under this archway in Splendid China, it is easy to imagine the reality out of the diminutive, replica, in Shenzhen.

No facet of detail, has been left out, in Splendid China's diminutive landscapes of Shenzhen.

Vegetative features are so lifelike too, in Splendid China of Shenzhen City.

More beautiful pavilions and vegetative features, created and artistically arranged, as if the ' real thing,' but for the people standing in awe, to show the conception and scale, here at Splendid China in Shenzhen.

Night has fallen.......

Beautiful pavilion lighting in Splendid China of Shenzhen City.

Moving inside for further attraction............

The amazing signage for the " Impression Theatre," of Splendid China in Shenzhen City.

Spectacular performance and again scale, demonstrated in this wonderful Splendid China, of Shenzhen City.

                         Is this not, '  SPLENDID CHINA ?  '

Last, yet hardly least - a beautiful array of Chinese traditional lanterns, in Splendid China of Shenzhen City.

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