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                 " The gift of making fortunate discoveries by accident."

Try to envisage, the following scene.........You are on a lake in a small boat;

the tree-line comes right into the water and for a long time, you drift, as if

aimlessly along the shoreline.

Suddenly you come around a bend and there before You, is the first hint of


A beautifully peaceful vista in Hangzhou.

Your boat pulls alongside and you disembark for a closer look;

to sit for a while and savour, the peace - is this real - should I pinch myself ?

A minute ago, I thought I could have been anywhere - yet you are not...

You are in CHINA and more precisely - You are in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou dream vision.

Your mind is a little blurred.........just 48 hours ago, You left a bustling,

Cityscape and now this.

You look down at a glass, that has been placed in your palm.

A glass of freshly made Green tea.

Realising instantly, this is not from my H2Go bottle out of my back-pack.

Then as if in an instant of time.........You are led away to the Wan Song Shu Yuan.

Wan Song Shu Yuan.

How do they get these building structures to ' fit-in,' with the nature,

around them.....you think to yourself............not even daring to ask ?

Beautiful lattice-work shutter windows, inside a Chinese pavilion.

How do they do this........how can we not achieve such views in the west ?

The answer of course.....You are about to find out;

it's Made-In-China and the literati, who created these gardens, firstly had to

prove themselves ready........well a number of them did - before seeking the

same peace as you have just discovered.

A 3D reproduction of what the scene was like at one of the literati examinations.

The wonders of modern technology, nowadays - 3D portrayal;

yet, their conception was far more visionary, back then.

A Chinese wine jar.

That night you are offered something else.........No, not a ' Jenny in a bottle '

[ though if you sip it, too quickly or too much......you will get much more than

you wish for  @ over 50% proof ]

It's a sampling of the secret place you are bound for the very next day.

A Chinese vineyard......the itinerary says......m'mmmm a chance to see some

Chinese wine being bottled, you think.

A Chinese wine production unit.

Not quite how you pictured it, ha !

No, for this is how it was made in China.