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Reciprocal Representation - provided both parties consider the scales to be in balance.

" Reciprocity," is a traditional value of the Chinese Culture.

" Representation," is a means towards mutuality.

" the exchange of cultural features that results when groups come into continuous firsthand contact; the original cultural patterns of either or both groups may be altered, but the groups remain distinct. (Kottak 2007)."

Acculturation - a work by Taiwan metalcraft artist Lin Guo-sin; promoted by the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute.

Acculturation implies a mutual influence in which elements of two cultures mingle and merge.

In assimilation, the tendency is for the ruling cultural group to enforce the adoption of their values rather than the blending of values.

This in itself is no grounds for reciprocity and /or representation and offers little, or no mutuality.

There will be nations, that are mutually beneficial for representations in greater numbers; than others, who are limited by geographical, economic, climatic and other considered demographics.

There will by the same token, be nations, who choose to associate for representation of the larger Chinese Imperial Gardens; and nations and / or Sister cities, within them, that choose to represent smaller Chinese Scholar's Gardens.

This is the cultural diversity, which alloys for greater enjoyment of the peoples of this earth; to experience, through travel - near & far - these wonderful reductions of the nature that surrounds us all.

  • Germany, for instance;

is embracing, the representation of Chinese gardens in their cities and educational facilities.

Please visit China.org.cn, through LINKAGE:

           China gives garden to Germany

and the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics at the Aachen University - on Chinese TV:      

              Film Clip Promo

  • United States of America, who;

at last count, were up to 15 constructed and planned - known Chinese Garden representations; throughout the land and including the recently constructed, 12 acre:

   Huntington  -  Garden of Flowering Fragrance - Liu Fang Yuan

This is the Chinese Proverb, fitting for many, though and the other one is;

" The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for ".

The late Ms Maggie Keswick, described the single acre garden of Suzhou's Wang Shi Yuan - Master of the Fishing Nets; with the words...

                                               " grace and delicacy... "

Wang Shi Yuan - The Master of the Fishing Nets

A painted map of the full scope of the garden.....

Painted map of the Wang Shi Yuan - Garden of the Master of Fishing Nets, in the middle of Suzhou.

frames these words, beautifully; thanks to the photographic skills of

" Kanga35," and author Rene Colin. [ see following Wikipedia LINKAGE, for further detail ]:

                         File 0927

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