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Lao Tzu of the Tao Te Ching

Down through the history of China;

the depth of influence on virtually, every facet of Chinese life - of three main philosophies, is not only vast - it is ingrained.

Confucius of the Analects

We say Buddhism, first, because it's original philosophy was imported from India.

Buddhism book cover

Please visit, through lsdf.cn, LINKAGE:      Leishan Giant Buddha

Throughout Chinesegardenscene.com, we would be negligent; should we not include factors from all three, that have had an overwhelming influence, to a larger or lesser degree - in the creation of Chinese gardens & penjing.

We have provided resources, to further study Buddhism, as it relates to the Chinese garden art of landscape miniaturisation;

similarly, we have quoted from Confucius and provided LINKAGE to further study, should you wish.

Please visit a through  garmahis.com & Kongzi.sina.com, a rather ' efflorescent,'


musical & visual introduction to.......



The music is quite hard to turn off, it is so wonderful, to listen, to and the visuals are taking ancient philosophy to a whole new celestial height.

Please visit ChinaCulture.com, through LINKAGE:   

         Confucius       &    Chinese Modesty

Within the last of the three, lies significant contribution to miniature landscape creation; through the very " Nature," of it....

Please visit John Bruno Hare's Internet Sacred Text Archive, through LINKAGE:

                       Confucius & Traditional Chinese Beliefs

Firstly - if the " Which is Correct," is a bit mind boggling, to you;

Please visit through Wikipedia, LINKAGE:

            Daoism - Taoism romanization issue.

Allow us now, to provide an introduction, through LINKAGE:  Brief

Further, let us go to the mainland organisation, for a LINKAGE:

General Introduction > Go ENGLISH

If you understand & read Chinese, then the above and following, through LINKAGE:         Hongkong        will assist.

Please visit John Bruno Hare's Internet Sacred Text Archive, through LINKAGE:


And if you wish to search for Contacts & Locations, around the Globe, through LINKAGE:            International

The following video, explains the central paradox of Daoism, in simple terms.

[ if your computer does not support the necessary software to display or view these ( Real Player and You Tube ) or it is too slow for your liking - please visit edepot.com/taoism ].

Wu Wei (WuWei) Calligraphy Scrolls.flv

We, at chinesegardenscene.com; particularly enjoy the illustrative account, that supports the explanation, contained in this video presentation and also the one in the Yin Yang video that follows shortly.

P.S........if Wei-wu-wei: Nondual action. concerns you at all and you seek to search it further;

Please visit ccbs.ntu.edu.tw, through LINKAGE:     

                David Loy - Philosophy East and West

Study some succinct and pertinent information, through LINKAGE on:            

            Yin-Yang and the Supreme Ultimate

The following video, explains the concepts of Yin & Yang, in simple terms.

Yin Yang (Ying Yang) Scroll Paintings and Posters.flv

Again, the calligraphy scrolls are available, through edepot.com/taoism.

If you wonder how the literati scholars, that were once, resident in their gardens and able to create such wonderful works - then, after meditating over the " Path to being a Chinese Garden Scholar,"

through LINKAGE: read about their philosophy of Life, they bought into, all those years ago -  


            Reaching the extremely mysterious & abstruse state

Sometimes in life; it is about what you need to detach yourself from; rather than just cultivate.

We would also be remiss, here at Chinese Garden Scene - if we were not to pay homage, to another trait;

the likes of which, is seldom found in may other cultures, on earth:


Visit the next sub-topic of Chinese Work Ethic.

Have you ever considered, the possibility;

that All these man-made philosophies - may have originated, with the creator of nature, itself ?

                 Chinese Christianity in Mandarin

And / Or      Chinese Christianity in English

Please visit bjreview.com.cn, through LINKAGE:

                The Bible in China

And this faith that followed - is it really  -         " the truth."  ?