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Please visit the following LINKAGE, through Mr. David W. Fukumoto of Kurstistown, Hawaii:

                    Tribute to the Late Master

Founder of Wing Lung Bank Limited and trained under the tutelage of his father & grandfather, who foundered the Lingnan penjing school.

Please click on    Man Lung Garden   to visit and learn more about the wonderful contribution of the late Master Wu Yee-Sun, to the art of penjing.

Please click on    Man Lung Penjing   for LINKAGE to their penjing organisation. 


Please also visit further information on Master Wu Yee-Sun and Man Lung Penjing, through through  Mr. David W. Fukumoto, by LINKAGE:

                 The Spirit of Man Lung Penjing    

Hongkong penjing  are a delight to the eye....

Chinese Hackberry ( Celtis ) root on rock by Master Wong Kee-Mein  Chinese hackberry ( Celtis ) by Master Wong Kee-Mein.

Fire-Thorn ( Pyracantha ) Cliff Hanging style by Master Wu Lik-ManFire-Thorn ( Pyracantha ) in Cliff hanging style, by Master Wu Lik-Man.

Hedge Sageretia ( Sageretia theezans ) upright tree style by Master Lau Yiu-Fai Hedge Sageretia ( Sageretia theezans ) Upright tree style by Master Lau Yiu-Fan.

Fukien Tea ( Carmona ) in Partial Hanging Cliff style, by Master Wong Kee-MeinFukien Tea ( Carmona ) in Partial Hanging Cliff style, by Master Wong Kee-Mein.