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Corn soup

          " A stimulating foretaste; the right of entry, before...."

King prawns

Just as everyone has a different palate, so too, Chinese gardens around the globe have -

different budgets, different demographics, different facilities, different resources and different stages of development:

as an entree, perhaps the ability to import through " Sister City, " relationships;

would permit you to rightfully display and include a single or some shanshui penjing ( landscape ) - be that:-

  • Open & closing

  • Canyon & gorge

  • Vast mountains

The elements and requirements, are the same -

  • Minimal space inside a pavilion or hall.
  • Minimal expertise, following set - up.
  • Not even plant life to care for, if ' rock ' only landscape penjing.

Yet; maximum effect, from a minimum of effort.

Please allow me  to illustrate:-

Rock only Landscape penjing belonging to the Sun Yat-Sen Penjing Club, at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden & penjing

Perhaps the main course, could take place in the Garden's courtyards...

Yet, again, not in a Chinese garden:-

Near to Mount Cheam, in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Canada;

in Chilliwack, you can visit the world famous Minter Gardens.

Brian Minter, has tirelessly built up this beautiful garden delight, over the years, for public enjoyment.

Please visit them, through LINKAGE:         mintergardens

Brian also has a love for penjing and has dedicated an area, to a shanshui landscape penjing courtyard.

Front Step Entrance, to the Minter Garden Penjing CourtyardStep up into a protected collection of shanshui

A sampling of what lies within, this carefully constructed landscape penjing courtyard; to honour the Mountains.

Level Entrance to Minter Garden Penjing CourtyardLooking back as we exit, this time honoured collection.