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Braised chicken.

                           " The principal dishes or tray."

Seasonal vegetables

As time progresses and resources increase;

it may become possible to also, put greens on the menu:-

The elements and requirements, then increase to:-

  • Out - sourced shumu penjing ( trees into the diet )
  • Minimal space, yet
  • Engaged expertise, including set - up
  • Vegetation to care for; much like the garden plantings, already

Yet, a further element of and more particularly; another miniature landscape dimension, introduced...

Please, again, allow me to illustrate...

Seasonal Nature of Tree penjing, able to be displayed & rotated - an example in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, from a collection donated by the late Master Wu Yee-Sun; and displayed, tendered for by the Sun Yat-Sen Penjing Club & garden's staff.Temporary by placement; yet lasting in visitor impression.

Semi - permanent placement of Tree penjing in China's Lion Grove garden.Semi - permanent placement; yet stunningly impacting, on location.

Either side of the tray - looks delectable for Tree penjing in a Chinese garden
Delectable, from either side of the tray..