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A ' magnificent,' penjing & display garden.

@ chinesegardenscene - you will not have to abide by.....

Hand's Off Warning Sign

In fact it could be said that we deliver penjing right into.....

In the Southern China gardens - penjing banyan are found.

Penjing banyan, in a Southern China garden.

A penjing banyan enhancing the window of a Southern China garden.

A penjing banyan, complimenting the window behind, in a Southern China garden.

Please visit hkbu.edu.hk; through LINKAGE:        penjing photos

Penjing Bamboo

Start with a penjing nursery......

Penjing nursery.

Which may become a ' live display,' area....

Penjing live display

then, may become a ' static formal,' display garden.

Penjing static display

Looking down from above, doesn't always do penjing the justice they deserve in a collective display setting;

so we have through the following LINKAGE of travel company:


Please visit shouxihu.com, through LINKAGE:

                         Yangzhou penjing relic.

Chinese Penjing Exhibition - Trade-Mark Reg No. 5284845  of 13 - 4 - 2006, through   tmsoon.org

Please visit for further detail, through LINKAGE:    tmsoon.org ID 3635954

2006 First China Penjing Collection Expo Opening Ceremony

Large Penjing outside Expo Hall

Expo Penjing demonstration

One of the prize winning Hanging Cliff Style penjing, displayed

Please visit e-News of the hkbu.edu.hk, through LINKAGE:

     University's Man Lung Garden penjing, exhibited at HK Flower Show

Please visit the Nanjing Seventh China Penjing Exhibition, through BeijingPenjing  LINKAGE:

      Jinling Xuanwu Lake City Park

Please visit some beautiful photos of these, through BeijingPenjing LINKAGE:

          Landscape Penjing - 1

          Landscape Penjing - 2

          Landscape Penjing - 3

          Landscape Penjing - 4