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Loquat Jelly

                      " Sweet and agreeable to the palate and senses."

Yet, even if still feeling a little ' peckish '...

it is not always possible to accommodate more:-

not right away, anyway...

rest a while and digest the nourishment, provided.

  • Consider the original design.
  • What activities are most culturally beneficial to the garden ?
  • Have you sufficient space to develop further ?
  • Do visitor numbers and feedback, endorse a need ?

Just a few, of numerous points to be considered, by many who have the best interests of the garden, at heart.

There are countless benefits also; yet what was it that Confucius said at the opening of the  ' Fostered Difference ' section ?

Each garden's penjing diet, is by design & nature - different...

Dedicated Penjing Courtyard & Penjing Garden - Jurong Chinese Garden in Singapore

Penjing set against a white background in a corner of  the dedicated Penjing Courtyard at the Jurong Chinese Garden in Singapore

Penjing naturally displayed around the dedicated Penjing Garden at the Jurong Chinese Garden in Singapore