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Let us, look in upon a couple of delightful landscape & architectural settings.....

Stunning yet practical architecture of a courtyard residence in Lanzhou - photo provided by my Shtyle.fm friend Mr. Yves Werling.

Perhaps, above the exterior walls, we might look down into such a beautiful place...

Photo from above, of a pavilion in Nanxun - provided by my Shtyle.fm friend Ms Rebecca.

No, these are certainly not penjingTgardens;

yet do they not give one an appetite for both strolling around at Your leisure, viewing penjing and enjoying the refreshment offered by a cup of Chinese Tea ?

penjingTgardens  TM

This is a NEW Master Global Franchise of Trees 'N Pots.

" The gifts of nature in a healthy reserve."

Garden architecture, organic tea & penjing.What have these three, in common ?

Picture the setting, with wonderfully crafted architectural surroundings.....

Calligraphic architectural elements of a doorway in Nanxun - photo provided by my Shtyle.fm friend Ms Rebecca.

More about this soon...................

A China landscape, as if it were still to be completed - or is it already ?

for more information - Please contact Trees in Pots Limited.