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Yangzhou's Grand Canel, by night

 "  扬州夜景  Night scenery of Yangzhou  "

Yangzhou's Grand Canal, by night

The Grand Canal, makes way for the surrounding architecture, of Yangzhou.

Welcome to the wonderment gallery of Shtyle.fm friend & photographer -   Mr. Liu Wenjie.

A more distant perspective, with architecture and lights reflecting.

A closer view [ still from above ] of the architecture over and alongside the Grand Canal.

Waterfront Images of the Grand Canal and Famous Private Gardens of Yangzhou  - He Yuan.........

A wonderful view on high, from above a pavilion.

Looking down into the side of that same pavilion, with Taihu rocks lit up beneath.

Yangzhou lighting for the delight of those who view.

A closer view of Yangzhou lighting

Opposite end perspective, of Yangzhou lighting, view.

Yangzhou lighting, with the addition of traditional lanterns, providing both direction and enjoyment.

Architectural lighting features, in Yangzhou.

This next photo is humbly, very special, in that it enhances the inside of a lovely pavilion.......

Setting a scene of ambience and contrast.

And now, let us introduce, yet another element...........

A pavilion is lit up above the wonderful lush foliage, of Yangzhou.

How peaceful, the bamboo looks in Yangzhou, by night lighting.

He Yuan - One of China's famous private gardens.........exterior night features.

A spectacular photographic image of the He Yuan, famous private garden, in Yangzhou, by night.

A closer image of the same perspective, in the He Yuan garden, by night.

How the He yuan garden, elements are integrated and blended into Yangzhou's landscapes.

A square-on view of the same He Yuan scene, in Yangzhou, by night.

How graceful these banana leaves appear in the He Yuan, of Yangzhou, by night.

Back to He Yuan architectural elements & mountain rocks, in Yangzhou, by night.

He Yuan - architectural and interior night features.............

Architectural features blended with exterior lighting, in the He Yuan.

Enlarged view of the same perspective, showing the blending of exterior lighting and interior He Yuan architecture.

A view from inside one of the He Yuan pavilions.

Calligraphy, is wonderful, in any light, is this not so ?

Returning attention, again, to the night air.............in the He Yuan.

Different effects of lighting can make for a whole new vista, in the He Yuan, by night.

An incredible view, in a captivating light, amidst the He Yuan.

A wondrous effect of the far & the near, the Yin & the Yang - implanted, within the He Yuan.