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Chinese youth enjoying music

There is a child in ALL of US; 

A photofunia.com image creation.

and We All like to play, no ?

or at least, there should always be, perhaps ?

Let's Start @ the very beginning......a very good place to start:

please visit the WritingDEN about Vancouver, BC's

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden,  through LINKAGE:

                      act 360 solutions

and through VR-Photography - Milko K. Amorth - with Music by Oliver Shanti,

through YouTube LINKAGE:     Chinese Garden Perspectives

Youthful Chinese girl

Chinese youth having fun with calligraphy or painting

The scene for ALL AGES...

Western children, alongside East learning Chinese art

Mature persons, learning an ancient art

For youth & the young at heart -

Please visit the following LINKAGE for the history and online puzzle solving:
Learning about the Ancient Chinese moving piece puzzle, consisting of           geometric shapes..


                             Tangrams Puzzle

Please visit jigzone.com, through LINKAGE:

                         Chinese Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

Start by clicking on the " Auto Solve " [ left side - below garden picture ]

Please visit Playanddesign.org, through LINKAGE:

                        World within Worlds

And / Or, try to find the following Trees ?

Do you know which ones, if any of the above trees;

would be found in a Chinese Garden ?

If you are really keen, then search out the rest of the web site, to find out.

Mean time, while you are here;

it may be a good stop - off point to brush up on a Fascinating Country -China, through the Taping Tang Pierce School  LINKAGE:

Little Bridge           &          Chinese Bridge

Please visit The Manchester Metropolitan University British-Chinese team & the Elworth CE Primary School, Sandbach, through LINKAGE:

             Tales from a Chinese Garden

And       RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park 2008

Please visit Readinga-z.com [ Level F ], through LINKAGE:

              In a Chinese Garden

Please visit AliExpress.com through LINKAGE:

            3d Woodcraft Puzzle kit Chinese House [Suzhou Gardens]

Please visit MOCpages.com          [ LEGO ® fan pages for sharing Lego

creations ] through LINKAGE:

          A LEGO ® creation by Anita Eenink

and     Brickshelf.com - gallery - Chinese garden & keyhole gate

Please visit the National Palace Museum, Taiwan, through LINKAGE:

            Learning Resources & Childrens Gallery

And       Activities Album