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You have seen the W.W.W. Chinese Garden Scene.....

or perhaps this is your entry point.

Now it is time to make choices ?

Scenic ?.......You now have to answer the questions.

Garden of Secluded Villa Yuan Chiang

Why are gardens in China named:

  • " Garden of Secluded Villa."
  • " Garden of Unsuccessful Politician."
  • " Garden of Humble Administrator."
  • " Garden of the Ease of Mind."
  • " Garden of Harmonious Interest."

to name, but a few ?

Garden of Unsuccessful Politician

Are you still in the landscape of quizzicality ?  (繁體)(简体)     still perplexed or puzzled, as if being expected to know something, that you do not ?

Sometimes, that is good.

" Exhibit the unadorned.

Hold fast to the uncarved block.

Avoid the thought of self.

Eliminate desire."

The Tao Te Ching.  

 ..an ancient Chinese writing, including observations of nature and mystical insights, etc, formed by numerous Chinese sages forward of the 7th Century Before Common Era.

The right choice is entirely, up to you.

All, we can ever hope to do, for you; is to:

Leaf Fall & Beyond the Walls