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  • to mark with one's sign or seal

  • to endorse

  • to affix a seal to, as proof of authenticity, etc.

  • to approve or authorize

  • to close or secure with, or as if, with a seal.

Chinese Penjing Artists Association of Australasia Incorporated

Chop and/or Seal and/or Security Stamp for the Chinese Penjing Artists Association of Australasia Incorporated.

  • This is the proper order for the Chinese translation, according to;

Good Characters, Inc.


  • The word penjing already implies it's Chinese origin.

  • Chinese style penjing associations in Hong Kong & Taiwan, etc.

        also do not explicitly include the word Chinese or China.

  • Including " Chinese or China " in the Chinese name will result in,

        double meanings and create confusion.

  • CPAAA, Inc. could be mistaken as the sub-group of the,

        existing China Penjing Artists Association and that,

        ( whilst we would like to be considered, so privileged );

        certainly is not the correct interpretation.

For further information about Good Characters, Inc.

Please visit them, through LINKAGE:

Seven Reasons for a Good Chinese Name