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In line with our membership section of our rules:

  " 5.b. To become a Member, Private or Chinese penjing Club

(“ the Applicant ” ) must complete an Application form, supply any

other information; and be interviewed if the Executive Committee requires, when it considers Membership applications.

5.c. The Executive Committee shall have complete discretion when it decides

whether or not to let the Applicant become a Member and shall advise

the Applicant of it’s decision and that decision shall be final. "

Supporting ” ( important to the formation and supportive of it’s objects, but passive in it’s on-going running and not required to pay fees, subscriptions or levies );

  • Who can have domicile, anywhere around the globe and simply be

        interested in penjing; it's rightful representation in Chinese gardens.

Private ” ( individuals having been admitted for Membership by the Executive Committee ).

  • Who can have domicile, again, anywhere around the globe and be

        active in penjing; it's rightful representation in Chinese gardens.

Chinese penjing Clubs ” ( having been admitted for Membership by the Executive Committee and nominated a Poll Delegate, for meetings);

  • Who have domicile in Australasia and preferably established in or

        attached to a Chinese garden; yet not necessarily so.

Fukien Tea penjing - Ehretia microphylla

Ancient Chinese chair, similar to modern day Director's chair

The " Executive Committee." means the officers of the Association and will be made up of " Director, " members as described in the Association rules.

A " Director Member," means a Chinese penjing artist approved by the " Executive Director,"  and based on proven record.

The " Executive Director," will take it under advisement, when considering any application for " Director," members and primarily; taking into account, the Objects of the Association.

With this in mind; such consideration, will initially be reserved for consultation with Chinese penjing Authorities, until such time as PENJING CLUBS are actively operating within Chinese gardens around the globe.

Director ” ( having been admitted for membership by the Executive Director and taking an active role in the Executive Committee ).