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Picture this in a Chinese garden ?

Pond Cypress - Taxodium ascendens - Date of Origin 1500

Yet not; it is actually in elandan gardens.

Elandan Gardens is the preservation, location of Mr. Dan Robinson.

Please visit them, through LINKAGE:        elandangardens

It is located near Bremerton, in the Puget Sound, Washington State, United States of America.

Here, Dan has; with great care and expertise - brought home some " time frozen "  illustrations of the nature that survives us.

I would label these ancient trees, that Dan has privileged us all, who visit, to see -

" miniature tree landscapes of nature - shumu penjing - au naturale."

Dan, calls them something else and that is his right of ownership.

Rocky Mountain Juniper - Juniperus scopulofum - Date of Origin 1130Saved from Drummond in Montana in 1990.

Focus here, on the aged appearance of the trunk...

Sierra Juniper - Juniperus occidentalis australis - Date of Origin 1540 Dan collected this venerable specimen near ' Cisco Grove ' in California, in 1968.

Okay, it's had a foliage graft in 1970, but don't we all deserve a bit of a make-over in our old age ?

Focus your attention, again on the trunk...

and for our last minimalist illustration of the magnificence of Dan's elandan gardens;

try to capture for yourself, the vision of the reptiles, that once freely roamed planet earth in it's nature; yet no more !

Sugar Pine ( 5 neddled ) - Pinus sabimana - Date of Origin 1850Collected in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California, in 1995 by Frank Heidt and donated to elandan gardens.