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At the heart of the CPAAA - a place offering shelter & protection for penjing values..

is it's people:

John Jeffery of Trees in Pots Limited and the Jeffery Lee Wong Foundation.

Joshua Jeffery of the Jeffery Lee Wong Foundation

Jerrad Jeffery of the Jeffery Lee Wong Foundation

as from the 11th day of June 2008.

John Jeffery as Executive Director and Association Secretariat,  welcomes on board, therefore, as from Monday 7th July 2008;

the first and significant Chinese garden's penjing " Director " Member of the CPAAA:

Mr. Philippe Tot - who is mastered in ' Lingnan Style ' penjing, giving credit also to his tutor Mr. Al Yee Juaco ( a pupil of the late Master Kevin Lei Wu of Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong ).

Philippe was the Curator of the Lingnan - Chinese Garden of Friendship

Sifu Philippe Tot working on penjing in the Lingnan Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney, Australia.

1st Lingnan Chinese garden, to be created outside of China ( a gift from the Republic of China [ Sister City Guangzhou in Guangdong Province ] to celebrate their bi-centenary 1788 - 1988 ) and;

the penjing collection curator & specialist of penjing, at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney, Australia.

In Late 2010, after more than 18 ½ years as Penjing and Garden Curator for the Chinese Garden of Friendship;
Philippe chose to devote entirely to his studies and to teaching full time & to embrace and focus a deeper level in himself as well as to pass on invaluable teachings to willing student’s;
so he establish and is the Sifu / Principal of:

The Lingnan Penjing Academy of Australia.

 Please visit, through LINKAGE:


Ms Patricia Jeffery (nee Wong)

Mr. Dai Mengda

Mr. Ung Eang

Mr. Ung Hai

Ms Lai Jean

Ms Wong Francis

Ms Chan Teresa

Mr. Shum Phillip

Ms Sew Hoy Janice

Mr. Chin James

Mr. Sin Phua

Mr. Chin H.W

Mr. Wang Sheng-Hao

Ms Song Sarah

Ms Liu Victoria

Mr. Dan Stapleton

Mr. Huang Ge Jing

Mr. Zhau Michael

Mr. Zhai Mickey

Mr. Li Fangao

Ms. Lee Jenny

Ms Catherine de Klerk

Mr. Chin Yu Hsrang

Mr. Imaizumi Tomomi