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Begin, by " Outlining Geographical Expanse with a Brush."

Visit historical maps in the collections of the National Palace Museum, through LINKAGE:                     Painted Maps

As a matter of interest, when perusing Ancient China Maps - Please visit firstly the following LINKAGE about Chinese Convention for Directions:

                             South to the top of the page

Zheng He's voyages of discoveryZheng He's voyages of discovery around the globe

From China's 14th Century Da ming hun yi tu map...

Da ming hun yi tu World map of 14th Century from China

Down to the controversial 18th Century Zheng He mapping...

18th Century, controversial Zheng He map

On down to the 21st Century global perspective...

Oceania, Australasia, Australia &Oceania, Australasia, Australia and further South East

New ZealandNew Zealand

 Dunedin is on the East coast of the lower Island, below Christchurch